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Prelude: Tribes of Rhalla

The campaign kicked off in a Prelude in which the group played as members of the Tribe of the Eagle. They were sent off on the right of passage and ended up killing a bunch of goblins. When they returned to the tribe, the found that the tribe had been attacked and diseased. While tracking down the goblins that diseased the tribe, the group found an ancient set of ruins. Within the ruins they found a ghost by the name of Geoff Grime who told the group that the goblins were merely pawns by a larger entity that the group's tribe would do well to meet.

The group found the goblins tribe that diseased their tribe and negotiated for the cure. When the group returned to their lands they cured the tribe and got them evacuating as the bigger goblin tribe was sweeping in to finish off the tribe. The group stayed behind to make sure the tribe's trail would be lost. When the goblins arrived they came with allies in full plate armor. It was apparent that these men were calling the shots as they killed the goblin leadership for failing to eliminate the Tribe of the Eagle. The riders rode off to the west and the group decided to follow as the goblins broke apart and scattered.

The group tracked the riders to an encampment where 5 ships were anchored. There the group introduced themselves as the Tribe of the Rising Sun with their only members being those with them. Figuring that the group was a bunch of morons from the Tribe of the Bear the men ordered the group to enlist int he service of the Overlord. The group did so not feeling that they had much choice. Their first order was to deliver 50 dead bodies of the Tribe of the Eagle within 2 weeks. The group panicked and debated for a long while on what precisely to do. They ended up deciding to head back to the tribe to try to setup an ambush.

The men came after 2 weeks and ambushed the group. The group managed to escape the ambush on them and draw the men into their own ambush where the Tribe slew dozens of the knights. A few knights escaped back to the shore. The group then decided to return to the shore (for some idiotic reason or another). There they were run down and trampled by the knights and then tortured to death for failing to follow orders. The kender of the group provided alot of information to the knights that they could use.

Act 1: Police State

Chapter 1 - Police Brutality

The group was on patrol and encountered a brawl in a bar. They had overheard somebody saying something about rising up against the Overlord. The group barged in bashing skulls in the name of the Overlord. They managed to subdue the entire bar with nobody escaping. While rounding everybody up, the group questioned the staff of the bar. The barkeep had no tongue and could not talk so the group had to talk to one of the bar wenches instead. While talking with the bar wench, the man claiming to be the bar keep escaped through a secret passage. Mongoose One reported everything to headquarters and had all of the prisoners hauled away while the bar keep was escaping.

The group then chased after the bar keep through a tunnel beneath. In the tunnel there was a side room that contained various items including books claiming to the the "True History of Ariatus" and a list containing 1,600 code names of people in a resistance that was forming. The group later learned that the bar keep was actually the bar wench that was questions and the the bar keep was not on record. A group of Raksashas arrived to confiscate everything in the room and gave the group a Writ to kill the "bar keep". The group pursued him to a forbidden sector of the city where Avianpilot chased him down and battled with him 1 on 1 on a motorboat.

For their services the group was awarded the Police Brutality Medal and Avianpilot was awarded the John McClane Medal for going above and beyond the call of duty to kill a suspect. The group was also informed that all prisoners were to be executed publicly for treason.

Chapter 2 - A Crappy Job

Total Time Elapsed: 8 months

The group was ordered to patrol the sewers for a month since their faces were now known to the city (and other guards) for police brutality. Two weeks into their patrols they found a newly carved tunnel that had a giant squid beak in it. It was examined and determined to be alive and the group was attacked by bullywugs. The group slew all but one of the bullywugs and interrogated it. There was a serious language barrier but the group learned that there were lots of bullywugs on the other side and that it was "home" to the bullywug.

The group called for reinforcements and was ordered to return to base after cleaning up a bit. The group decided that the best place to clean up was at one of the local brothels. There the group cleaned up and subjected the bullywug to horrible horrible things (beastiality). The group arrived at HQ smelling like hookers and covered in glitter. There they were informed that a Raksasha would be their commander for the next few days. The group reported to the Raksasha and learned that the city was apparently built on this location knowing that the "thing" was down there and a potential threat. The group was ordered to enter the beak and kill everything within including the giant organism itself that was embedded within the coral reef.

The group re-entered the sewers and pried open the beat to enter. There was a sort of air lock as the group had to open an internal facing beak. Within was a giant chamber that rivaled the city of Ariatus in size lit by a faint light coming from the giant organism. The group killed off a few bullwugs before claiming a half mile ramp to find bullywugs performing some sort of ritual. The group charged in killing the bullywugs off and then a tentacle came up out of the water circle on the platform and kicked the shit out of the group before getting killed by the group. The group could see two more platforms remaining in the giant chamber.

When the group continued they fought a tough battle as another tentacle rose up to eat a fish dropped into its pool and the group attacked it. The bullywugs on the platform pulled back apparently to avoid being hit by the tentacle themselves. The group was then whooped a bit before dropping the tentacle. When the tentacle fell some of the beefier bullywugs ran off to the last platform, leaving the minions behind to delay the group. The tactic succeeded as the bullwugs arrived at the final platform and sounded a horn that called more bullywugs out of the "waters" and more tentacles swarming to the area.

The group charged to the last platform and after a long heated battle succeeded in killing the bullywugs only to have a huge bullywug arrive. The group battled and eventually defeated this bullywug. On this platform the group found many items of use.

The group continued on through another beaked airlock system and found a massive heart floating above the ground with no tubes attached to it. The group discovered that magic had no effect on the heart and relied upon physical damage to destroy it. When the heart exploded the chamber flooded with blood killing Mongoose Two. When the chamber was totally flooded, pressure built up until it exploded. The group found themselves laying on the top of a building with blood raining down upon them. Shortly afterwards feces was raining down from the sky.

The group cleaned up at the brothel before returning to the barracks where they were ordered back into the tunnels to make sure the beast was dead.

Chapter 3 - Secret Agent Peoples

Time Elapsed: 1 Month (so far)

After mapping out the corpse of the dead being under the city the group was put on undercover duty. They were to attempt to infiltrate the organization headed by the mysterious bar tender who had written a "True History of the World" before the group killed him for fleeing the scene of treasonous remarks. The group started by going to the tavern where a contact was known to hang out and became regulars. In time they felt they earned enough trust that they organized a raid on the tavern by having a kid come in and say something bad about The Benevolent Overlord. Guards were in place outside to enter and start bashing skulls. The guards did so and the group successfully convinced the guards to leave after claiming to be attempting to set a record for most arrests in a month. After that event the group was approached by the contact who wanted to know why the group protected the patrons. The group expressed that they didn't feel the brutality of the guards was justified in most cases. The contact then asked the group to do him a favor and find out what happened to his friend.

The group reported to HQ about the request and returned to tell the man that he was killed by Raksasha Royal Guards during the pursuit. The man then agreed to let the group read the writings of the "True History of the World" which the man said were completely fictional but the group was unsure if he was sincere with his statement or not. That night at the brothel, a copy of the books were delivered to the group. The group read this series of books and then proceeded to burn the books just before their normal commanding officer arrived.

The commander informed the group that the guards the group chased away from the bar was pressing charges of treason against the group for failure to enforce the law. The commander told the group that the only way the charges would disappear was if their accusers disappeared or the group managed to set the record for most arrests in a month. The group decided they would make the other guards disappear and was setting up an elaborate plan to eliminate them. They approached their contact hoping he would be able to provide them with information on where the guards would be located but got push back from him. He told the group to return to their barracks and get the information for themselves. The group did so and then discovered that the guards patrolled a section of the city where an ambush was not going to be feasible without plenty of witnesses.

They then approached their Raksasha commander and informed him of the situation. He arranged for the guards to attack the group's bar to establish legitimacy with their contact while also eliminating the guards thus killing two birds with one stone. The group decided that they liked this plan and went along with it. They were waiting when the guards attacked the bar and then rushed in to the rescue, killing the guardsmen. They then took the bodies into the ally and contacted the Raksasha to dispose of the bodies so that there would be no question of what happened. The group came up with a lie to tell about how the men disappeared including Thrawn and Gentler taking the corpses to the rotting corpse of the giant squid-thing under the city. The rebels liked the sound of that and were starting to debate moving their operations to the dead squid for protection.

It was then that Marshall Chance (group's contact) arrived and took the group into a secret tunnel under the tavern. It let to a small room where the group met a shadowy figure who began to interrogate them one by one to determine how trustworthy they were. The group openly admitted to being too stupid for undercover work and Mongoose Three informed the contact that he felt John McClain (Avianpilot) was immoral but would follow his orders and that Thrawn was "an evil son of a bitch" who couldn't even be trusted to follow orders if it came to rebelling. The shadowy figure gave Mongoose Three an ultimatum: Kill John McClain and Thrawn or never return to the tavern. Mongoose refused and the shadowy figure and all his allies drew their weapons and proceeded to attack the group.

As combat began one of the interrogators teleported out of the room while those remaining attacked the group. The group soundly defeated the enemies though the chief interrogator did manage to knock out Mongoose 3. After the combat in the room, the group heard troops organizing in the hallway outside and Jarvis witnessed the fact that they were setup to shoot anything stepping into the hall when the last remaining enemy ran out into the hall. Mongoose Three called headquarters and while on hold stepped into the hallway and was immediately knocked unconscious. He was not conscious by the time his Raksasha commander responded on the cell stone. Refusing to talk to the non-Raksasha members of the group he hung up. Mongoose 3 came to again and called back requesting reinforcements only to be told to hold for 15 minutes while reinforcements moved to the scene.

Upon hearing strange noises in the hall Mongoose decided that they didn't have the time to wait. He ran into the hallway when he heard the enemy fleeing from the scene. He found bags int he hall with fuses running to them at a rapid pace. He died in the ensuing explosion only to return as Mongoose Four. Some time after the explosion the chief interrogator was rescued from the scene by unknown allies.

The group was dug out of the debris some time later and informed that those who fled the scene had mostly been slaughtered. They were also scolded for failing their mission and allowing the chief interrogator to escape. They were told it would have been better to simply slay the interrogator rather than to bring him in alive. The group was then informed that they would be cleaning up their own mess as they were good for only one task: killing things. The Raksasha Commander informed the group that once intel came in the group would be sent out to eliminate any targets. With that the group was dismissed.

Upon entering the streets the group saw the undead zombies that were their enemies leaving the scene. Mongoose decided that this bar needed new owners and spent the money to purchase the license to operate the bar now known as "Bloody Mongoose's". He hired three skanks to work as barmaids and whores.

Chapter 4 - Secret Police

With their days as secret agents done, the villains were demoted to being secret police. Their daily responsibilities would be that of normal guards on patrol with execution orders to be carried out periodically. One day while on patrol the group encountered a Raksasha standing over a dead body. The group offered to dispose of the corpse but was rebuked and told to go to 123 Fake Street and murder those within.

The villains arrived to find a stone structure with barred windows and two guards at the only entrance. THe group quickly attacked and dispatched the guards but not before the guards shouted that they were under attack. The group charged in after splitting open the door and killed the guards on the ground level. They then charged up to the second floor where they were ambushed on the stairs. After a heated battle the group slew everyone on that flood and moved on to the third floor where they heard movement. Upon going upstairs they found a bedroom lined with closets. Listening more closely Mongoose heard a sound within a closet and swung his axe into it. He killed a young boy no older than 8 years old with the swing. Another group member (character name for Avianpilot eludes me) charged another closet which had noises in it and swung into it. Inside was a mother holding her infant and the first swing had cleaved through the infants head and into the mother's chest. A quick followup stroke killed the mother as well.

All inhabitants dead, the group inspected the house and found a tunnel full of supplies leading to the sewers underneath it. The Raksasha then assumed control of the scene and confiscated literally everything within the house.

The group then returned to HQ where their regular guard commander informed them that a gladiator team he had bet on had just lost another team. The group was ordered to go kill off the winning team as payback. The group arrived and quickly dispatched the winning team and then proceeded to murder everyone else within the building including a groupie and a dozen infant children that were in a daycare center above the scene of the murder of the gladiators.

Chapter 5 - Turmoil Brewing

Upon returning to base, the group was told to go to a library to meet an old monk who had information about the resistance. The group was told to listen to the monk and learn what he had to say. Upon arriving at the scene the group found a massive library that was missing the majority of its books. They cried out for anyone to come to them and a monk shouted and came down to the group. The group then listened to the monk question the group on whether the Overlord was in charge and relayed a story that suggested that the Council of the Unliving was running the city rather than the Overlord. He also said that the Overlord was called the Benevolent Overlord as a twisted joke to torture him for all of eternity as atrocities were committed in his name. The monk claimed that he learned this information from the Overlord himself who would appear to him remotely by projecting his presence when it was safe for him to do so. The group said that they would only believe this information if presented with evidence but the monk responded that it could be many months before he spoke with the Overlord again. The group then questioned how their commander knew to send them to him and the monk immediate set about escaping from the group's presence.

When the group returned to their barracks they attempted to hide what they had learned from their commander. The commander was not happy about this and threatened to send the group to Traitor's Square for disobeying a direct order. The group even then provided virtually no information to the commander aside from vague statements about Chuck Norris. The group said Chuck Norris spouted stuff that was heretical and treasonous and that they needed to do more investigating on the resistance. The commander was not at all pleased with the group's answer and ordered them to hunt down Chuck Norris and execute him.

The group was on its way to Chuck Norris apparently unsure what their move would be when they encountered him. As they approached the sector he was last known to be in explosions rocked that sector. The group charged ahead and saw guard pouring into the sector. The group grabbed a guard and asked him what was going on. The guard responded that an uprising had begun in the sector and their orders were to enter the sector and kill all non-guards within it, man, woman, and child. The group not wanting to get too involved decided to charge in and only fight as necessary to find Chuck Norris. En route the group was attacked by a seemingly endless amount of rebels. The group was nearly on the verge of being overwhelmed when the guards sounded a horn of retreat. The group knew that this meant only one possible thing. That was that the legion of undead were going to be unleashed within the sector to kill all living beings.

Chapter 6 - Treason

The group retreated to an entrance to the sector where the guards were barricading the entrance. About a half hour later Raksasha followed by a skeletal legion entered the sector and killed everything that lived. The skeletal legion then left with new "recruits" in the form of the risen bodies of those they had slain. The Raksasha then ordered all remaining living guards to return to their barracks for debriefing unless they were being ordered into the sector for cleanup duty (removing the bodies that were useless to the undead legion.

Upon returning to their barracks the group discovered that they were empty and everything had been cleaned out. Fearing some sort of setup the group did a quick patrol around the barracks to confirm that no other guards were around. The group then decided to call to base with their cell-stone. They heard their own voices being echoed within the base and found the communication room. Within the room they decided to call in to central command to report what they had discovered. A few minutes later a half dozen Raksasha Royal Guards teleported into the chamber through Mongoose. The Raksasha questioned the group about everything that they knew from before the uprising and the group gave them the same vague answers that they had given their commanders. The Raksasha were quite obviously not amused by the groups attempts to avoid answering their questions about Chuck Norris and what they knew about the resistance. They then told the group that 6 of the 8 barracks were reported to be not responding and assumed to have defected. They were also informed that the Council of the Unliving had also gone missing. The group was obviously shaken, feeling that they had chosen the wrong side in this civil war. They were then ordered to report to Traitor's Square tomorrow for further orders and a round up of all men of fighting age. The group decided that they would spend their night in their brothel.

The next day the group arrived at Traitor's Square after thinking things through but also fearing some sort of reprisals within Traitor's Square. Upon arriving the square was packed full of young men between the ages of 16 and 26. There were few guards there to make sure order was maintained and everybody feared a rebel attack at such an assembly. Soon the Palace of the Overlord began moving and came to hover directly over Traitor's Square. Once in place a disc began descending that was lined with Raksasha Royal Guards. Spells were flung at the platform from outside of the square and Raksasha dove off in the direction of the spells and put a quick end to it.

Upon landing on a giant podium, the Raksasha parted and a man clad in Full Plate stepped forward and introduced himself as Ariatus XV (one more than the city knew about). He claimed that he was the new Overlord because he was the chosen of Bane as his father had lost favor with the god. His father had fled with the Council of the Unliving and most of the city guard to resist his taking the throne. However it appeared that the Raksasha had decided to side with the younger Ariatus making it apparent that he was the true heir of the throne to those who knew anything about the Raksasha. The Overlord continued on saying that all within the square were to become guards and that those who were unwilling to serve their overlord could leave the square immediately. About 10% of the people in the square decided to take that option. All of them were quickly dispatched by guards and Raksasha. The Overlord then continued saying that anyone who showed any signs of being sympathetic to the resistance was to be slain on sight. Any children spewing such thoughts were to watch their families be brutally murdered and then deposited at a orphanage where they would be raised to be the next generation of guards. The remaining guards and recruits would all be moved to operate out of the barracks within Traitor's Square under new Raksasha leadership because the new Overlord felt he could not trust his father's former officers. This then led to the Raksasha killing all officers over the rank of Lieutenant. The Overlord then began a ritual that change the tattoos on all within the square. The new tattoos were of a different style and color than the previous ones. He stated that all new guards were to proudly display their new tattoos so that there could be no question that they served the current Overlord and not the father. The Overlord then ascended back into his palace and the group decided to immediately report for duty in their new barracks.

Inside the barracks they were greeted by a Raksasha Royal Guard who informed Mongoose that he would be a Captain in charge of a company in name only. The group would actually be immediately taking new orders to perform teleporting assassinations on all of the commanders of the defecting guards. The new missions would start the next morning so that the defecting guards would have a chance to reorganize before being slain to send the resistance into chaos.

The next morning the group performed their first successful assassination, killing their former commander and all of the guards around him. Though the attack was expected, the group made short work of the rebels. They were then given a reward and sent off to perform their usual duties. While on patrol they spotted a guard with his sleeve down and then attempted to pursue him. They followed a short distance before the unknown guard reached a square where a total of five unknown guards scattered leaving the group in their dust. The group then returned to their brothel to discover it was on fire. The fire was quickly doused and the group learned that of their pleasure slaves only Maggot Maggie remained. She reported that Syphilis Susan and Acne Annie had been having gang-bangs with large groups of men but were not walking funny afterwards. She assumed they were accustomed to such activities but the group suspected that it was a rebel meeting in their own place of business. TO further that belief, the group discovered a tunnel in the basement that led to the sewers.

The group reported the incident only to be assigned to discover where the rebels were going. To aid in that end, the group was given a young boy that was a capable tracker to assist. The group told him that there were two rules: 1) Stay away from the dwarf and 2) Never sleep when the dwarf is nearby. That done, the group tracked the rebels to a section of the sewers that they recognized, having purged it of the bully-wugs.

The group surged into the former bully-wug home and was attacked by wave upon wave of rebel guards trying to protect their encampment within the former bully-wug cavern. The group fought until ordered back to the surface to assist in ending an invasion of the city.

Chapter 7 - Siege Busters

The group was ordered to get the rebel guards to pursue them to the coastal districts of the city where an external force had linked up with the civilian rebels within the city. There the group discovered that 25 ships were at sea bombarding the city's defenses while the civilian rebels established a foothold where the invaders could land. The group quickly learned that the invaders did not like the killing of elderly, women, and children that was being forced upon them. Upon noticing this, the group was ordered to round up as many elderly people as they could to serve as human shields for trained soldiers. This tactic worked astonishingly well with the invaders falling back to defenses that were being constructed on the beaches of the city.

The invaders then sent out an emissary to negotiate. The group was sent to represent the city in what was expected to be the brutal murder of the emissary. The group instead set about ordering Captain David Harley to leave the city. He refused and went on to tell the group that they were here to liberate the city and get rid of its vile ways. The group informed the invader that victory could not be had due to the tattoos on all citizens of the city. Captain Harley seemed unimpressed and said that they hoped to have the invasion completed within 24 hours so that it would be a non-issue. Upon learning that the invaders sought to end the guard brutality, slavery, sex-trade, and other immoral activities the group was no longer interested in the invaders claims of liberating the city. Mongoose Four on the spot threatened to kill ten babies every half hour that the invaders stayed within the city or on its shores. The invaders decided to call their bluff. When Mongoose went to order his group to slaughter two babies each, they all in turn refused to resort to such heinous acts of violence against a defenseless baby. Mongoose then called his commander and requested that the babies be launched from catapults towards the enemy encampments.

When the babies were launched high into the air and came crashing to the group within the enemy ranks, they began to falter and eventually ran for the boats that brought them to the shores. Once upon the boats the city defenses lit up and attacked the boats as they retreated. The enemy ships returned fire and eventually backed away from the city when the last of the surviving invaders made it back to the armada.

Mongoose was then ordered to round up all rebel guards and bring them to traitor's square. Minimal resistance was given to this as most rebel officers had been slain during the fighting anyways. Once in Traitor's Square the Overlord returned on his dais while Raksasha Commandos killed all rebel guards above the rank of Corporal. Upon landing, it was revealed that the current Overlord as well as his father were both there. They revealed that the guard rebellion was a plot to drive the Council of the Unliving into hiding after their refusal to give control of the city over to Ariatus XV when he was revealed to be the Avatar of Bane. The division was used to clearly show what officers were loyal to the laws of the city and not to the Council of the Unliving. Nearly all of the guards within the city as it turned out had been loyal to the Council of the Unliving. They also revealed that the invasion of the city was an unexpected turn of events that brought an early end to the civil war and that they had lost the trail of the Council of the Unliving but felt confident that they were not a threat.

Finally they revealed that the city would be sending out expeditions to find the enemy homeland and conquer it. They would show them what law and order could do for a society in making it stronger. They went on to explain that the brutal laws and traditions of the city were there to make it a stronger place that would be able to defeat any enemies as only the strong would survive within the city. They also suggested that the enemy civilization had proven itself to be much weaker for not having the stomach to fight on even when faced with the brutal tactics that this city was willing to resort to that hardly phased any of the guards at all.

Act 2: Soldiers of the Overlord

Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins

The group reported for duty the next morning only to be greeted by a Raksasha. The Raksasha informed the group that they were to meet with their new commander. When the group entered the room they were greeted by the former Overlord Ariatus XIV. He informed the group that they were to head up an expedition to find the homeland of the invaders. Once there they were to kill five of their soldiers around the outskirts of the city and bury them in shallow graves. This would allow reinforcements to be sent should the group fail in their mission. They were also to link up with any underground forces within the city that may be of assistance to the coming invasion and occupation force. He said that it would be easier to occupy the city if one of their own were in charge. The group was authorized to promise anything to the leader of such a group. If the terms were later deemed to be unacceptable then they would be forcefully renegotiated after the invasion was completed.

The group's expedition would consist of three ships led by a Commodore who would have sole command of the fleet but would take the input of the group if needed for combat plans. There would also be a battalion of men to guard the supplies being shipped along with the expedition. One item in one of the many magically warded crates was the Arch of the Council, which would be used to send massive numbers of troops through to the enemy city when setup. When the group needed the assistance of an item they would need to contact headquarters for the method necessary to open each individual crate. The group was to report their status at least daily.

With the mission described, the group was given the chance to ask the former Overlord a series of questions about any topic. The group learned very little other than that Mongoose was so fucked up because he was an early beta model of the Raksasha. They also learned that the Overlord was personally heading up the mission to kill off the Council of the Undead and that the invasion had been deemed a divine crusade.

Questions answered, the expedition set sail after the group placed Maggot Maggie in charge of the brothel while they were to be away. The group made the decision to sail north along their coast and were eventually attacked by a kraken.

Several days later the group spotted smoke on the horizon and went to investigate. They arrived to find that there was some sort of village five miles inland. The group took a small team ashore to guard the boats while the group investigated the village. After finding the village the group discovered that Trogolodytes had battled against Yuan-ti and won the day. The group soon found themselves surrounded by Trogolodytes. Soon the Trogolodytes blew a horn and ran off. A green dragon flew in and attacked the group. The group defeated the dragon and then proceeded to butcher the dragon for scales and meat to feed their troops.

After finishing the butchering the Trogolodytes returned and surrounded the group again. The group had a translator called in by SatStone (tm) and began to communicate. They informed the Trogolodytes that the Overlord was their new god and that they were to start a crusade to conquer the surrounding lands in his name. The group also learned that the invaders of Ariatus had sailed to the northwest from the village into deep waters.

Chapter 2: Deep Water

The group decided it was time to sail to the north west soon after. Enroute they had difficulties navigating during the nights but would correct their course each day as the sun rose. Eventually they encountered a hurricane that swept them off course and beached one of their ships. To find the beached ship the group had to teleport to it and then hope the rest of the fleet would locate them. The beached ship was washed ashore by the hurricane and with the lack of a tide due to the world not having a moon, they would have to either wait for another hurricane to hit the island or find their own method of rescuing the ship. They decided to have the crew dig a long trench to get the ship back to the coast. Base told the group that once the ship was at the shore they were to open a crate and remove an artifact. The artifact would allow the group to manipulate the waters around the ship and get it into deeper water. The group set about emptying the boat of all contents minus a skeleton crew.

That done, Mikee pulled out the artifact and began moving the boat into deeper waters. Eventually he lost control of the waters and was thrown from the rowboat he was on. Under the water he noticed that there was a water elemental that he seemed to be controlling. After a while longer he controlled the elemental long enough to get the ship into deep enough waters that the skeleton crew dropped anchor. Mikee attempted to control the elemental to dismiss it, but failed. The rowboat rapidly approached the shore where battle erupted with the elemental. Mongoose 4 died during the battle and others nearly died but they won the day.

The elemental killed, the fleet arrived ten days later and set sail once again. The group spent the next month sailing towards the continent that the invaders had come from.

Chapter 3: Another Civilization

The fleet spotted land after a month of sailing and presumed it to be the enemy continent. The fleet was split in two with one ship going north and the other two going south. After a half day it became apparent that this was an island but there was even more land to be found to the west. A decision was made to take the opportunity to restock supplies on the island before moving on to the next one. The group explored the island in search of signs of civilization. While searching they found some deer, squirrels, and birds. In time they found the remains of an old settlement that had existed on the island around 20 years prior for about 10 years or so. The group found a freshwater stream nearby as well as a small cemetery. The group made the decision to dig up one of the tombs to find out what species had settled here. The single corpse they dug up was that of a tiefling.

The group then returned to the fleet and had it travel to where the stream met the ocean. Once there the fleet resupplied with water as hunters were dispatched to harvest as many wild animals and mushrooms as possible. That evening the fleet departed for the next batch of land. In the morning the fleet again split in two with one vessel heading north and the other two heading south. After a half day the group found a landing spot where a fleet had set in to resupply in the wilderness. The group then set about returning to rendezvous with the other ship. That night the other ship was spotted being chased by an enemy vessel that was firing cannons after it. The Commodore made the decision to flee until daylight when the situation could be assessed.

In the morning it was discovered that a single ship was chasing the fleet and it had no sails. The commodore made the decision to send one ship out to deep sea while the other two charged the enemy vessel. The enemy vessel seeing the two enemy ships approaching turned and offered a full broadside salvo in return. As the fleet got closer it became apparent that the enemy ship was of metal construction and the ballista would be of no use. The only effective plan would be to board the enemy vessel and capture it. Every man on the ships grabbed a crossbow and pelted the crew of the enemy vessel making for an easily won battle. However while the capturing of the enemy ship was easy it came at the cost of both allied ships in the attack taking severe damage from the canons. They would have to set to shore for extensive repairs.

Upon reporting the capture of the vessel a gnome crew was dispatched to take control of the vessel and return it to the city of Ariatus where it may be studied further. The fleet then went to shore to do a full assessment of the damage taken. The Commodore estimated that the repairs would take at minimum a month to complete, possibly longer. In the mean time the group would have to set up defensive patrols of the area so that the repairs could be completed in relative safety.

Once patrols were established, the group and two dozen guards went on an exploring mission to the north. They eventually came across a hunting camp which they approached in search of information. It quickly became apparent to the locals that the group was not from around the area as one lie after another stacked up severe doubt as to who or what the group was. The group set about killing the hunters and burning the camp down. They then interrogated the survivor who informed the group that there was a city of 5,000 people to the north named Charon. It was a fishing village with plenty of ships and at least one military vessel that was on permanent station in the town. The group presumed that this was the vessel they captured and then killed the man.

They returned to the fleet intending to raise an army to invade the town before being talked out of it by the Commodore. He suggested that the remaining 450 infantry that the group had left would not be enough to ensure that nobody managed to flee the village to spread word of an invading battalion. The group then made the decision to approach the city alone and gather information.

They found the city to be a spread out town with yards and dirt roads. The group found this rather barbaric and not worth leaving standing but continued anyways. They found the first tavern that they came across and entered it. The bartender was incredibly curious as to where the group came from and the group tried to lie about being from a colony to the far south in abomination territory. They ended up getting into a philosophical debate about the morality of exterminating the abominations who had attempted to exterminate them. After a while the group was ordered to leave the bar and never return. They did so but not before Jarvis spent the whole time studying the map of the nation.

The group then went to the shady part of town and entered Long John's Tavern. There they found a bar that served only beer, fish, and chips. The bar tender was a rather cranky old man with a chef that knew how to cook two things... fish.. and chips... Mongoose 5 offered his services as a chef but was upset when he was told that the pay was one silver a month. Long John then asked the group if they were servants of the enemy because Mongoose 5 looked an awful lot like a raksasha. The man then revealed a tattoo on his arm and said he'd been stuck here for nearly 50 years with no way of returning home. The group asked the man to meet with them the next morning outside of town.

When the group left the tavern they noticed that they were being tailed by guards. Ordinarily they would have killed the guards but against their better judgement they let them live. They then went on a tour of the town taking in all of the sights before leaving town. After leaving town they noticed that their tail stopped following them and then went from guard post to guard post apparently informing them all to watch out for the group.

The next morning the group met with Long John and learned that the enemy nation had spread out from a single city in the past ten years. They set up a total of four main colonies with each having several smaller communities associated with it. They also learned that one of the cities had a large centralization of the criminal underground which the group would be able to potentially link up with. Having learned what they wanted the group returned to their ships and made a plan to south south around the continent. Going south would allow them to bypass the enemy colonies but would take nearly three times longer to travel.

After 5 months of sailing, the group encountered a smoldering island. Upon investigating they discovered that a war was taking place on the island in which a scorched earth policy was being employed. The group then decided to spend a week back tracking to another small continent that they had encountered in order to resupply.

Chapter 4: Tribe of the Rising Sun

On the continent the group encountered a barbarian tribe that was looking to flee upon spotting the group. The men grabbed spears and set up a pike-line to protect their women and children while they packed up the encampment. The group learned that another force was on the island waging a war of genocide against the barbarians and flying the banners of the Overlord. The group decided that they would allow the barbarians to flee but only if they left behind all of their food supplies. The food turned out to be a single butchered deer.

Upon returning to the fleet the group contacted base to report that another unit was active in the region and asked permission to commandeer the unit. The group was rebuffed and told to first identify the unit before making such a request. They then set about resupplying for another day before setting sail for the north east corner of the continent.

After a week the group spotted five abandoned ships in disrepair. Commodore Theodorus reported that he could repair the ships if need be but recommended salvaging parts from other ships to repair one at a time as fast as possible. The group begrudgingly agreed to the plan not wanting to destroy the ships beyond repair. They then set off in search of the missing unit.

After a few days the group found some ancient ruins where they were informed that the unit was two days to the north. After receiving the information they were informed that they now owed a ghost 3 eggs in exchange for the information. The group not wanting to pay killed a goblin at which time the ghost appeared and demanded six eggs. The group then agreed to help the ghost and returned with six eggs after searching for a few hours. They then set off for the lost unit.

Two days later the group found a palisade that was originally constructed of wood but was slowly being rebuilt with stone walls. As the group approached six soldiers left the fortress and approached the group. The group asked the men what their unit was and was informed that they were the 453rd expeditionary unit. The group called base who informed them that the unit was sent off nearly six years ago in an early attempt to root out units loyal to the Council of the Unliving. The group was also given permission to commandeer the unit but warned to watch themselves.

Mongoose informed the soldiers that they were now under his command by order of the Benevolent Overlord. The soldiers responded that the Overlord had no power in this region and that the Baron was in command. If the group wanted to take command they would have to speak with him. Mongoose then informed the men that he was a Raksasha and disobeying his orders would be a poor idea. The leader of the unit at first refused, at which point Mongoose ordered one of his men to kill him. The soldier slowly stabbed his own commander puncturing a lung and leaving him to drown in his own blood.

The group then rode into the fortress and demanded to see the Baron. They were informed that the Baron was in his harem room and that he would not be available. The group did not take no for an answer and barged into the harem room. The Baron was not pleased by this and the group ordered him to surrender his unit. He refused and the group attempted to attack him. Their attacks however were nullified by some sort of non-magical barrier. The group then spent a long time trying to find a solution for the obese baron. They even burned down the palace but the Baron jumped out of the palace from a second flood balcony. The group then attempted to poison the baron and only succeeded in knocking him out briefly. The group attempted to dig a hole around the baron to trap him but the baron woke about halfway through the digging. Eventually (NUKIE) steeped through the barrier and killed the baron. The group then realized that the barrier was only allowing women to pass through. The whole time the baron's guards were attempting to stay neutral not wanting to cross the group or their baron.