Halloween 2017: Invasion of the Gabbos

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  • 150 points, 40 Disadvantages, 5 quirks
  • Early TL9, no lasers, superscience, or magic
  • Standard TL9 starting wealth for personal possessions.

Additionally, all characters have a Patron for free. They have the backing of an international organization that provides equipment beyond personal wealth and access to the best science and manufacturing facilities available at the tech level. Some equipment will be assigned, others can be requisitions as you go.

Suggested Skills

The following would be good to cover:

  • Engineering (any/all types)
  • Chemistry
  • Linguistics
  • Soldier
  • Rifle
  • Diploma- Interrogation


Story so Far

The year is 2055. Earth has nearly 10 billion inhabitants, and resources are growing scarcer by the day. Cold fusion hasn't panned out, and despite some fairly ambitious space exploration projects, such as a multinational space station orbiting Mars, humans still remain trapped on Earth.

Then, a strange extraterrestrial ship lands on the University of Berkeley campus on October 31st, 2055. It seems to have flying drones around it that are far more agile than they would appear to be capable of, lacking aerodynamic shapes. You have been scrambled onto the spot as part of the team to make first contact.