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Character Creation

General Information

  • Point Total: 700
  • Disadvantages: 40
    • Special Disadvantage: Some of those points must be in the form of a Discord
  • Quirks: 5
  • No more than -20 points from stat reduction
  • Starting wealth: Standard ($15k)

Character Creation Steps

  • Take the Celestial Template (below)
  • Choose a Choir (Pay appropriate points)
  • Choose a Superior (Archangel) (Pay appropriate points)
  • Take your Superior's Attunement for your Choir (Pay appropriate points)
  • Distrubute 9 levels of Power Investiture among 3 types (Corporeal, Ethereal and Celestial)
  • Buy Vessel (35 points, unless you're trying to take on a mortal Role).
  • Spend remaining points

Celestial Template (566 pts)

Attribute Modifiers ST+4; DX+4; IQ+4; HT+4

Advantages: Alternate Form: Celestial; Detect Symphonic Disturbance (Common); Doesn't Eat/Drink; Doesn't Sleep; Essence Control 9; Immunity (Disease); Language (varies); Non-Reciprocal Damage; Power Investiture 9; Regeneration (Slow); Temperature Tolerance 5 (Cold); Temperature Tolerance 5 (Hot); Unaging (Can still appear to age, +0% feature); Very Fit (Doesn't Fatigue Variant)

Celestial Form: Advantages and modifiers as above, plus Doesn't Breathe; Insubstantial (Can carry up to No Encumbrance +10%; Costs 2 Essence to activate, -20%; Requires Will roll to activate, -10%; Causes Disturbance, -30%; total -50%); Invisible to Machines.

Disadvantages: Disturbs Symphony; Humble or Proud; Secret (Celestial); Sterile


  • Alistair: Sachiel Seraphim of Michael, Combat Monster
  • Avianpilot: Seraphim or Elohim, of Eli or Jordi
  • Jarvis:
  • Mikee: Malakim of Michael, Hopefully a Tank so he doesn't immediately die
  • Turd: Tadhiel Cheribim of Judgement, sneaky mofo