N'yar Latho Tehp

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The Colonists


N'yar Latho Tehp
Race Cnidaria
Genre The Colonists
Point Cost 152
Age 35
ST 10 [0]
DX 10 [0]
IQ 12 [40]
HT 10 [0]
HP 10 [0]
Will 12 [0]
PER 12 [0]
FP 10 [0]
Mn 10 [Unspecified]
Ambidexterity [5], Enhanced Tracking 1 [5], Extra Arms 2, Flexible, Weak [20], Extra Attack [25], Talent Alien Species (Diplomacy, Linguistics, Psychology, Xenobiology, Xenoanthropology, Xenosociology) 4 [20]
Curious [-5], Sense of Duty (Milky Way Colonists) [-10]
Prefers specially made transparent clothing [-1], Xenophilia [-1], Lecherous [-1], Imaginative [-1], Congenital (heh) [-1]
Archaeology 10 [1]; Beam Weapons (Rifle) 14 [12], Biology Earth-like (Xenobiology) 15 [2], Chemistry 13 [8], Diplomacy 15 [2], Electronics Operation (Medical) 13 [4], Electronics Operation (Scientific) 13 [4], Electronics Operation (Surveillance) 13 [4], First Aid (Cnidaria) 12 [1], Gunner (Beam Weapons) 12 [4], Interrogation 11 [1], Language Turtle People Broken [1] Linguistics 14 [2], Observation 13 [4], Paleontology 14 [1], Psychology 15 [2], Research 12 [2], Sociology (Xenosociology) 15 [2]


N'yar was born on the planet of Aldebaran VI, a lush, green world in the binary system of Aldebaran. Like all Cnidaria on that world, when he came of age he was thoroughly Tested, Analyzed, Evaluated and then promptly Assigned. The Great AI that ran that world Assign everyone a Job when they come of age. They tell them what they are to do with the rest of their lives. The Great AI told N'yar he was to be an explorer, searching the vastness of known space for unknown alien races, creatures and beings. He was terribly excited. The thought of exploring something new, finding something no one had ever found before filled him with a near-ecstatic delight.

His next 10 years were full of study and he drove himself relentlessly through it, mastering all the skills required of him with relish. He enjoyed his studies and applied himself with vigor. The ten years flew by in a flash and before he knew it he was pronounced Ready For Assignment. They attached him to a ship and he set off into the vast known, searching out the new and unfamiliar.

At first his excitement stayed with him. For years they flew through space, visiting planets and stars that hadn't been seen in an incredibly long time. And each time, they'd scour the area for signs of something new, something unique, something no one has ever seen. And each time, they'd find that someone else had discovered it first, far in the past. And as disappointment layered on top of disappointment, he lost his excitement and eventually hope. The days ground by with mind-numbing regularity. Everything was cataloged, everything was already found, everything was known. What was the purpose of his life if he was only verifying facts that were found out long ago? Was he merely to live out his days in mindless monotony, never making his mark, never making a difference in this vast, cold universe?

Until one day, he saw his chance. Some people were leaving. They were going some place truly new. Truly unique. Some place no one had gone to before. They were exiting the known universe and entering the unknown. And he took a chance and became a part of it.


  • Unkillable 2; Hindrance, Common (Ask Alistair I ain't tellin'.) [75]
  • Hard to Subdue 2 [4]
  • Payload 1, 2 pounds [1]


2 x laser rifles

1 crap armor (DR 20)

Hyperspectral imaging sensor



Hot shotted laser rifles (2)

7d6 (2) RoF 5 Roll for Malf 15+