Quests (Dragonlance Part 3)

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Dragonlance Part 3


Secondary PCs

Point Total

Point Total: 170

Current Assets

  • up to 5 ships
    • Minimum 25 crew
    • Up to 250 people with no cargo
    • Up to 150 people with cargo
  • 50 sailor mercenaries for roughly a year
  • 12 Knights of Solamnia, said to be loyal to Alexandre
    • 1 Knight of the Rose - basically a mid to high level officer
    • 3 Knights of the Sword - basically lieutenants
    • 8 Knights of the Shield - basically sergeants
  • 100 Knights-Errant of Solamnia
    • 5 Knights of the Rose
    • 30 Knights of the Sword
    • 60 Knights of the Shield
    • 5 Kingfishers
  • 1 Airship
  • 1 Dragon Slayer 8763™
  • 40,000,000 steel pieces worth of credit.
  • At least two Footman's Dragonlances.

Current Allies

  • Ergoth by marriage
  • Orders of High Sorcery
  • Unknown factions of the Knights of Solamnia
  • Gunthar - Willing to provide food and lumber

Current Enemies

  • Ezekiel Blackwood
  • Ambeon (Minotaur Kingdom)
  • Solamnic Warlords
  • Unknown factions of Ergoth's nobility
  • Unknown factions of the Knights of Solamnia/Ergoth

Act I

Chapter 1: The Search for The Ogre Warlord Part 1

  • Orientation
  • Journey from Polanthus to Sanction
  • Hire a Mercenary Scout to b a guide to Fangrock.

Chapter 2: The Search for the Ogre Warlord Part 2

  • Journey to Thoradin
  • Assault on Ogre Watch Post

Chapter 3: The Search for the Ogre Warlord Part 3

  • Ambushed in the woods.
  • Lured away a group of six ogres, Wiscard killed them all.
  • Another six were lured away.
  • All encampments were called back to the central encampment.
  • Turd manages to sound the horn that a blue dragon has been spotted along with a small force.
  • Northern encampment ordered to the sighting Turd indicated, all other encampments were told to maintain their orders to return to the main camp.
  • Estimated Ogres left in camp: 38

Chapter 4: The Search for the Ogre Warlord Part 4

  • Group enters combat with B Squad.
  • Ogre Warlord eventually charges into combat screaming "For Sargas!"
  • Group kills 38 Ogres and nearly kills the Ogre Warlord, taking him to negative hitpoints.
  • Ezekiel teleports behind the Warlord, indicates that the group has nearly ruined his plans, then teleports away with the Warlord.

Chapter 5: The Dwarven King

  • Escape the forest of the Ogres.
  • Sneak back to Thoradin.
  • Line of Ogres awaiting the group.
  • Dwarves cause avalanche on the ogres.
  • Group agrees to help the Dwarves resolve their possessed king dilemma.
  • Group enters Thoradin.
  • Many good buffs.
  • Group spotted entering the throne room.
  • Group kills guards.
  • Group pins the King to the ground.
  • Possessing spirit is trapped in a flask.
  • Group saved from more combat by Captain Rotgut informing reinforcements that the group just saved the King.

Chapter 6: Dungeon Crawl #1

  1. PARTY!
  2. Wake up with hangover abandoned in a dungeon.
  3. Kill way through dungeon.
  4. Find Mr. and Mrs. Wiggles making sweet tentacle love and turn around.
  5. Find a colony of undead killing/eating Gully Dwarves. That is to say that the Gully Dwarves were doing the killing and eating.
  6. Crawl through a hole in the ceiling that is leaking urine.
  7. Crawl through the tunnels above to discover the tunnels were overflow tunnels for the dwarven city's sewage system.

Chapter 7: Reporting In

Chapter 8: The Great Wyrm

  • Go to the hall of records.
  • Learn of ancient underground highways to trading outposts near the Khur region.
  • Gnomes arrive at the city in a zeppelin that caught fire.
  • Gnomes have sticks of dynamite that they recently developed for mining purposes.
  • Group gets permission for the ancient tunnel to the east to be blasted open with the dynamite.
  • Group finds great-wyrm red dragon that proves to be a potent enemy.
  • Group defeats the dragon.
  • Its soul flees as the group doesn't appear concern about a thousands of years old dragon soul being on the loose.

Chapter 9: WTF Ebola??? Really??? Come on guys...

  • Phat Loots
  • Forbidden from entering a city because the reason for entering seemed shady.
  • Learn that Ogres haven't attacked in nearly two years.
  • Learn that the minotaur empires are both at war with each other.
  • Escort a wagon to the next city over.
  • Not exactly welcomed by the local lord's steward who felt the groups explanation of their investigating Ezekiel Blackwood seemed shady as they had no reports of a Reaver working in the area let alone with an ogre army.
  • Alexandre's carousing leads to him meating (typo intentional) a caravan leader who led one of the caravans shipping dwarven weapons around the region.
  • Interrogation, Bobbie Sparrow given Ebola.
  • Learned of a conspiracy to bring back the gods.
  • Learn that weapons never delivered to anyone.
  • Learn that he fears his employer more than the group killing him because "there are some fates worse than death".
  • Victor kills Bobbie Sparrow.
  • Spend half an hour convincing Obsidion to cure Victor of Ebola.
  • Arrested for the murder of Bobbie Sparrow.
  • Defense attempts do not go as there is no link between Ezekiel and Bobbie Sparrow and as such no evidence that this was a Reaver matter to be dealt with.
  • Eventually the group demands trial by combat.
  • Wiscard fights a Giant in Full-Plate armor.
  • Wiscard wins but victory was never really assured because one blow could have potentially killed Wiscard (would have been 3d6+3 huge piercing from the spiked club).
  • Group is banished from the city but allowed to leave alive.

Chapter 10: Forces Magic in a Brothel

  • Arrive at capital city of the Khur.
  • Alexandre preaches about Sargonnas.
  • Told he needed a permit and taken to get one.
  • Meets with somebody working to bring back the old gods.
  • Dressed up like an old Priest of Sargonnas (not a Cleric).
  • Given tatoo that will detect as magical but not arcane magic if scrutinized.
  • Learn from Minotaur's that their King was touched similar to Alexandre which led to the war with the Minotaur Isles.
  • Track down a more specific lead on where and when Ezekiel Blackwood was in town.
  • Utilize Time Magic to follow him around.
  • Witness his usage of forces magic in the brothel. (Friction, speed)
  • Witness him leaving for the Kingdom of Ambeon.
  • Book passage to Ambeon.
  • Arrive in Ambeon.

Chapter 11: Sargasanti and Zephros I

Chapter 12: Swamp Thangs!

Chapter 13: A Royal Wedding

Lucky Thirteen!

  • Alexandre marries Princess Eliana of Ergoth
  • Dowry includes:
    • Money to cover up to a 10 acre estate.
    • Up to five ships with an expected remaining lifespan of 2-3 years before they need consistent repairs that will make them cheaper to replace in the long term. Each ship requires a minimum of 25 sailors to operate. Can carry up to 100 total per ship, less if carrying substantial cargo and horses.
    • Money for up to 50 sailor for an estimated time period of 1 year.
  • Learn that Alexandre's parents are in actuality his aunt and uncle. His mother's brother was in fact his father, with them having adopted him as an infant to keep him hidden from his father's enemies. Enemies include factions within the Knights of Solamnia/Ergoth, Gunthar (human portion of Sancrist Isle sworn to Solamnia), Warlord in Solamnia, and even some of the nobles within Ergoth who don't take kindly to the perceived Solamnic invasion of their lands following the destruction of Solamnia nearly 500 years ago.

Act II: The Search for More Allies

... or was it the search for more money, I have a hard time remembering these things.

Chapter 14: Gunthar, Part I

  • Group heads to Gunthar in search of allies and supplies.
  • Alexandre purchases 1,000 paper casings for his guns. Reduces load times by half.
  • Get agreement from the Lord-Regent to provide supplies for the coming war effort.
    • Consists of lumber, furs, fish, and meats.
  • Fail to convince the Lord-Commander (proper title is High Justice) to provide support for the war. Claims lack of evidence for atrocities that would prompt the need for the Knights to get involved in fighting back at the minotaurs. Expresses belief that it may not be a bad thing if the gods were to return.
  • Alexandre gives stirring speech to Knights-Errant to convince them to join the war effort since the Knights won't sponsor an official expedition.
  • Later than night a the second of the Lord-Commander challenges Alexandre to a duel claiming that he is trying to take away Knights for a personal effort to reclaim Solamnia.
  • Wiscard takes offense and in turn challenges the second to a duel to the death to take place prior to the duel with Alexandre.
  • At the duel, Wiscard is forbidden from utilizing magic, but detects magic upon the second. It is agreed that Wiscard may utilize the same spell on himself, but nothing more.
  • Wiscard easily defeats the second in combat, then proceeds to teleport the corpse two years into the future.
  • A huge fuss is made about this and Wiscard is charged with violating the code of conduct for "desicration" of the corpse.
  • Alexandre is personally charged with arresting Wiscard by the Lord-Commander who pulls rank because of Alexandre's new oath to the Knights of Solamnia and the fact that despite being heir to the Kingdom of Solamnia, he has no kingdom and thus isn't a King.
  • Alexandre challenges the Lord-Commander to a duel but is rejected.
  • Alexandre does some intelligence gathering.
    • Learns that this isn't the first time somebody has attempted to challenge the Lord-Commander's honor, but due to a lack of evidence he has never been convicted and those charging are essentially sent away on suicide missions afterwards.
    • Prior to the duel learned that the second rarely does anything at all without the approval of the Lord-Commander.
    • The leaders of the other two orders are hesitant to officially try the Lord-Commander without evidence.
    • The soul of the second admits that the Lord-Commander expressed an interest in Alexandre simply going away without any Knights.
    • It is suggested that said evidence might be invalidated by claims that Ayal forced the soul to say everything that comes out in the trial and that hard evidence will be necessary.
  • Wiscard goes on trial, claims innocence because the body is not desecrated and will re-appear in 2 years.
  • Defense is not considered valid as the family cannot bury the body with honor and his sword cannot be passed onto his son for at least two years.
  • Wiscard is expelled from the Kingfishers.

Chapter 15: Gunthar, Part II

  • Broke into Lord-Commander's office.
  • Found some letters, nothing outright incriminating.
  • Attacked by mercenaries with poisoned arrows.
  • Convince mercenaries to participate in a sting operation to get the guy who was bringing payment for services rendered.
  • Take the guy into custody.
  • Turned over the captured mercenaries to their leader.

Chapter 16: Gunthar, Part III

  • Formally charge the Knight that came to the sting operation with conspiracy to commit an assassination.
  • One Alexandre's brother-in-laws attends the trial as it has international implications.
  • Truth spell is demanded as per the code. The Grandmaster attempts to block it but the leaders of the Order of the Shield and Sword both allow it.
  • Under the truth spell it is revealed that several within the room are also a part of the conspiracy to murder Alexandre through a pool that was collected to pay the mercenaries.
  • At trial, one of the men states his reason was that he feared his involvement with the assassination of Alexandre's father would be uncovered. This leads to further arrests and a shift of focus for the trial from an attempted assassination to an assassination and attempt at exterminating a royal bloodline.
  • The threat of families losing all titles, lands, and wealth prompts the son of the Grandmaster (self-styled Lord-Commander) to make a deal to provide a vault full of evidence that contains ledgers detailing who all was involved and what their families were promised should the Lord-Commander's family eventually reclaim Solamnia.
  • Evidence is used to convict a large amount of Knights, though those that were not old enough or even born yet are given a free pass.
  • 100 Knights are pledged to Alexandre and his intercontinental mission.
  • The group heads to Mount Nevermind.
  • Meets up with the inventor of a cannon that he wants to brand as the Dragon Slayer 9000 with the help of the group.
  • Group takes mechanical goats as their mounts and finds a red dragon's lair.

Chapter 17: Gnomes and Canons and Dragons oh my!

  • Wiscard leads the dragon on a chase into canon range. It takes three shots to hit the dragon and Wiscard was severely burned by dragon's breath during the chase.
  • The group loots the Dragon's lair.
  • The group agrees to a 10% fee to have the loot airlifted back to Mount Nevermind.
  • The group seeks out a navigator for the mission, enticing him with being able to map the other continents, but he indicates that their stay would not be long enough to properly map out the entire continents from the ground and requests that the group find an airship for him to journey on.
  • The group goes about trying to convince an airship captain to take his ship on the mission. The captains all direct the group towards Mr. McAirship (shortened from something insanely long).
  • McAirship starts going through logistics and determines that his present airships would not be sufficient for the task and that he would have to construct another one. The potentiality of having to perform repairs over water troubles him into wanting some sort of mechanical device that would be capable of performing repairs without having to land and deflate the airship.
  • The group tracks down the mechanical goat guy and he indicates that he could construct spiders to do repairs, but he'd need to have some sort of adhesive that could keep the spiders attached to the airship since spikes would puncture the airship. He would also need some sort of substance or materials to actually do the repairs.
  • The group finds Al Chemy being nagged by his wife Peggy about how he doesn't have sex with her enough anymore. He agrees to help the group out, but wants to have a means ot getting his wife off his back.
  • The group goes back to the mechanical goat guy and he indicates that he could probably build some sort of vibrating pleasure device to get Al's wife off his back, but it would require some materials that wouldn't cause damage to her because gears and sharp edged metal would be a terrible idea afterall.
  • The group gets Al and the goat guy together to go over logistics.
  • The group returns to McAirship and he indicates that it will take him about 2 months to construct the airship to the required specifications. The group isn't thrilled with this but doesn't have much choice and accepts it.
  • The group then returns to the navigator who is quite excited about the mission.

Chapter 18: Mo Money

  • Raid in Solamnia to kill a warlord and access the vast wealth of a hidden royal vault.
  • Group pulls it off with only three deaths (guard outside vault, warlord, 1 guard at the gate)