Quests (Planar Jaunt 5: The Frontier)

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Planar Jaunt 5: The Frontier

Point total: 665

Chapter 1

  • The Aunts and Uncles volunteered you for a mission into the Realm of Cassius and Hellen, your exiled Aunt and Uncle.
  • You met a lighthouse keeper who gave you access to the Realm for a game of Chess, which you lost.
  • Upon entering the Realm, you were confronted by two figures who descended from the heavens, Cassius and Hellen themselves. One appeared to descend from the Sun and the other from the Moon.
  • They said they would hear you plea if you entertained them. You were to become Heroes and complete 12 Heroic deeds or take part in 12 Heroic stories. You agreed, having no other choice.
  • Hi-jinks ensued, which I will likely detail later.
  • You completed the 12 Heroic deeds (or enough that Cassius and Hellen were satisfied.
  • You told them the story of Kain and Abel, of which they already seemed to know, and they agreed to help defeat Abel. They said that Abel was a being of darkness and the only thing that pierces the darkest darkness of the night sky (besides the sun and moon) were stars. They would give you a weapon made of the stuff of stars that should be able to harm Abel. Even as he said this thing, a star fell from the heavens behind him as Hellen began working on your weapon. They only asked one thing: for you to take care of a child for them and raise it to adulthood. It would take all of their strength for 16 years to make this weapon so they deemed it a fair trade. You agreed and Hellen appeared with the baby.
  • Mog took him and immediately began to subject him to terrors that no child should ever see.
  • You returned home and Minerva, who had sworn to pay any price necessary, took the child from Mog.
  • There was a birthday party for Forest and Meadow where there was a puppet show, pizza and an attack by an evil jester.
  • Kain said that the jester was one of many singular but powerful creatures Abel had been harassing Almandine with of late. Unable to send an army at the city, he chose to pester them with things such as this. Kain then said that everyone was to scatter, leave Almandine for the time being, until the weapon was ready. The Aunts and Uncles were each to make their own way off in Dream and the cousins were to stay together for protection.

Chapter 2