Quests (The Apocalypses Zeta 3)

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The Apocalypses Zeta 3

Bogy's PCs (Player,Acts)

Alistair's PCs (Player,Acts)

Retired PCs (Acts)

  • None (yet)


Point Total

  • 131 = 100 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2

Act I: Mundane Mad Scientist Stuff

Chapter 1: The Simulator

  • Group re-introduced to Delgado Network policies and procedures.
  • Alarms sound, group heads to nearest armory.
    • Given standard equipment of combat suits, laser rifles, and laser pistols.
  • Head to Level R to check the source of the alarms.
    • Level used for storage of projects awaiting disposal or transport to long-term storage.
  • All computer systems are giving permission denied errors.
  • Half of the group takes the elevator.
  • Those that didn't take the elevator do so from the next floor.
  • Enter entrance to the floor has missing guards and all terminals with a digital face.
  • Face introduces itself as HaP1, a "virus" set loos eont he network with the promise of a spaceship to take as its own upon completing its tasks.
  • Group opens the blast doors and leaves a table wedging them open.
  • Security droids are found looking through crates before they are eliminated with extreme prejudice. A stray show unleases a biohazard.
  • Biohazard alarms are quickly disabled by HaP1.
  • Group races to close the blast doors before the biohazard can spread to other decks.
  • Radio in to inform the base to seal off the deck.
  • Mercenaries are found and mostly killed.
  • The mercenaries were looking for a specific drug.
  • Drug is found and several samples are missing.
  • Group finds mercenaries looking to blast their way out of the base.
  • Talks reveal that they were hired by a wealthy man promised a cure to his son's illness. The cure was found and the program was stopped before being released publicly. Out of time and money the man hired the mercenaries to steal the drug.
  • After revealing that they have explosives rigged throughout the facility, Harold (I think) comes up with the bright idea to shoot the man with the dead-man switch in such a way that his hands will clench the trigger and not release it.
  • The plan works and the group decimates the mercenaries and their hostage guards die in the ensuing battle. Based upon Security Policies this was the preferable outcome given the choice of the base, secrets, or the guards.
  • The group celebrates their victory, but things pixelize and the group realizes that this was a simulation.

Chapter 2: Murder in Space!

  • Group informed that the simulation was based upon real events. They were the first to successfully prevent the bad guys from escaping with the drug. The drug was indeed a cure, but the side-effects were much worse than the disease that it was meant to cure. The rich man who funded the mission ended up watching as his son died a horrifically painful death.
  • Mikee is awarded a "boon" by the Network. It means that if he asks for the favor, the Network will do its best within reason to do the favor.
  • Group is sent off to investigate a murder that had just been reported.
  • Upon arriving at the small moon, the group is greeted by the security chief.
  • The chief informs them that the body was found floating in space. He grants them access to the base.
  • The group begins their investigation by interviewing the scientists fellows.
    • They learn that he had been calling off sick for about a week and that the virus they were studying had gone missing.
  • An autopsy is performed.
    • He had severe intestinal distress due to having ingested a pregnant alithera, but the cause of death was exposure to the vacuum of space.
  • Investigating his quarters reveals that he was a sushi aficionado. Samples of the sushi are taken.
  • One brand of sushi is found to be suspected of containing alithera and is illegal in many places as a result. It is confirmed as having been alithera.
  • Bogy attempts to interview the subordinate scientists by tricking them into eating the alithera sushi. Mixed results are found.
  • Security footage is analyzed and it is determined that the victim did enter his quarters a month ago and had 4 liters of pepto bismo delivered.
  • Further analysis reveals that the footage was set on loop about 50 times since he entered his quarters.
  • Suspecting foul play, the group asks the security chief about how that could happen. He seems to know that it was tampered with but there is nothing but a gut feeling about him being involved.
  • THe group performs a basic background check on the security chief learning that he spent 10 years in the military before working security for smaller companies. He eventually got hired by the Network and quickly rose through the ranks jumping from facility to facility.
  • Security footage is further analyzed to follow the trail, which goes to a shuttle bay.
  • The group investigates a nearby shuttle bay before moving in on the one that the footage revealed.
  • Upon arriving at the actual shuttle bay, the group is prevented from entering due to a biohazard in the form of leaking coolants in the shuttle bay.
  • THe group suspects foul play and enters the shuttle bay.
  • Inside they find evidence that the coolant hose was shot with a blaster pistol and then directed into a shuttle where it would super freeze all electronics to the point that recovering anything would be extremely difficult.
  • Video footage reveals a suspect at 5'6" in height entered and shot the coolant line then left.
  • Tracking his cold boot-prints on the floors with thermal scanning they track him to a hidden access panel.
  • They are attacked inside the tunnel that was revealed.
  • The group returns fire and then advances.
  • A small room is found to have security consoles and a wireless receiver to trigger footage loops.
  • Further down the tunnel they find the suspect and bring him back to the small room after stabilizing him.
  • In the mean time the virus is found in the desk, still sealed.
  • A computer message had been sent indicating that he had accomplished his mission and was awaiting extraction.
  • Upon waking him up, the man quickly unleashes a poison that kills him.
  • The group informs the security chief of their findings.
  • He takes the station out of lock down and then shoots himself.

Chapter 3: The Assault

  • Given 24 hours security command access to the base including authorization to enter full lock down mode and combat gear.
    • Includes plasma guns and grenades, better armor.
  • Asked to place all security personnel on suspension pending investigations to clear each one individually.
    • Shirely Wilcox - doctor woman
  • Extraction team arrives and board the station which is put on full lock down, which consists of bulkheads every 10 meters throughout the base.
  • Take out one team.
  • Take out another.
  • During one of the battles captures Lino Diggs.
  • Lino reveals that he is a member of the Rocky Balboa Mercenary Company.
  • Network Reinfocements arrive and destroy fleeing mercenaries.

Chapter 4: Gene's Genetics

  • Stand relieved of duties at previous post.
  • Sent to a remote facility to investigate reports of stolen goods. Facility is dedicated to biological research.
    • Missing supplies are used in accelerating gene therapy. 3GL, $50/liter
    • Dr. Gene Wilder heads the facility.
    • Cpt. Gene Hackman heads security.
    • Jean Gray is Gene Wilder's assistant.
    • Jeanie is the cleaning robot.
    • Apparently only people named "Gene" or "Jean" are allowed to work at the facility.
  • Facility lacks surveillance in most places as the base was deemed a low security risk.
  • Group investigates various avenues, suspecting that the eccentric Gene Wilder is behind the theft.
  • Eventually the investigation leads the group to the nearby colony where they are nearly immediately put into biohazard mode due to mutagens in the air.
  • Everything seems to be smashed up.
  • Outside colonists are running insanely fast, babbling, smashing stuff, and smashing each other.
  • A Dell support office seems to have evaded the mutations. The group suspects that the water is contaminated with the missing accelerant after finding that the office staff drinks bottled water.
  • Group gets access to a testing device after getting Gene Wilder to approve the requisition.
  • The tests show that the water is contaminated coming out of the ground, leading the group to suspect that the aquifer itself is contaminated.
  • The group returns to confront Wilder and discover that Jean Gray has fled the facility.
  • The group decides that she must be behind it after finding more circumstantial evidence in her room, namely a rushed departure.
  • The group reports their findings to Darius Magnum and asks for the time to cure the mutations.
  • They are informed that they have 15 minutes to come up with a cure because a cleanup team is being dispatched to handle the situation.
  • The group correctly surmises that this cleanup team intends to kill off the colony and cover it up to save face.
  • The teams arrive, enter the colony, kill everyone (roughly 16,000 people), cause a gas leak, set fire to the gas, and depart within 15 minutes.

Chapter 5: The Mother Fraking Space Olympics, Yeeeaaah Part 1

  • Sent to the Space Olympics to provide security.
  • Orders are to pretty much stand aside unless inter-species crimes take place. This is to avoid potential cultural problems.
  • Athletes begin disappearing.
  • The group investigates the disappearance of one of the athletes and discovers that the securitrons were disabled.
    • Forensics reveal that a very advanced virus was uploaded that fries that artificial intelligence circuits on androids.
  • All androids are ordered to close off their external wireless connections for fear of infection.
  • Group suspects that guards with shaded visors are in on the action.
  • Magnum indicates that this is a problem because many of the guards with shaded visors are special forces and their identities must be concealed.
  • More athletes are disappearing and the group suspects that another top athlete will soon be kidnapped as well after discovering that the targets seem to be athletes that completed their qualification events and scored top marks.
  • Alithaera swimmer is put under protection.
  • Two group members opt to pay for sexual encounters with the Alithaera athlete in order to spend the night in his room.
  • Something attempts to sneak up on the room in a stealth suit but is noticed.
  • Whatever it was disappears.
  • Additional guards are sent.
  • The group suspects these guards might be in on the kidnapping as none of their faces can be seen and the group was not informed in advance that the Alithaera was to be moved.
  • The group follows the guards escorting the Alithaera away only to have two guards attempt to stall them.
  • After a lengthy battle the Alithaera has disappeared but the group has two captives.
  • Ended after capturing two reptilians.

Chapter 6: The Mother Fraking Space Olympics, Yeeeaaah Part 2

Aka the night of botched rolls and extreme luck in having spec ops prevent an inevitable death given the rolls the group was having all night.

  • The group is escorted to a hidden VIP safe room that is not on the station blueprints.
  • There, Magnum orders the group to learn what the can from one of the reptilians while the other is sent away for exhaustive testing.
  • The group finds nothing of interest in the equipment that is found (botched rolls).
  • They determine that the reptilians are not Valaeren as initially suspected due to the lack of the tell-tale triple helix.
  • Many redundant organs are found including three hearts.
  • The group maps out the systems of the reptilian through nanites and removal of organs.
  • An attempt at examining the femur fails after a botched surgical roll. This results in the amputation of the reptilian's leg.
  • The group revives the reptilian in the hopes of interrogating it but find that they have a language barrier and it seems to be in extreme pain.
  • Pain killers are administered but it has an allergic reaction.
  • An attempt to stabilize it results in its death due to yet another botched roll.
  • JARVIS searches the equipment and finds many odd pieces of equipment that were missed by two other group members.
    • Some form of communication device that appears to work through quantum entanglement.
    • A universal translator device capable of using the reptilian language.
  • The group uses the communications device, and have a brain fart and forget that they have a universal translator that could have helped them with speaking properly...
  • After much struggling to communicate the group along with the special forces soldiers are transported to an unknown location.
  • The special forces decimate the reptilians in the room in which they find themselves in.
  • The special forces handle all combat, preferring that the group stay out of their way. The group happily accepts this and does not die, likely as a direct result of this decision based upon the horrific rolls that were taking place.
  • They find all of the missing athletes and clear the ship.
  • They get in communication with Darius Magnum who had gone looking for them.
  • Another group of reptilians report that they are ready for transport.
  • Another botched communication occurs as the group again fails to realize that they could be using the universal translator to figure out what they need to say back.
  • After much pain they get the reptilians to head into a trap.
  • It takes three weeks for the group to get towed back to the space station where full teams await the ship to learn all of its secrets.
  • The group is debriefed.
  • The group is sent to Alpha Secunda Station undercover to try to find a link between the reptilians, the station, and the mercenaries that were encountered several quests earlier.
  • Upon arriving in the Morbid Whore, several group members go about purchase high end goods indicating that they have money.
  • Others go and do exactly what Magnum had told them not to do, spend all of their money on supplies to make drugs.
  • A first time exclusivity deal is made with the dealer of the raw materials such that the group MUST sell him all drugs made from this delivery of chemicals. No price was set.

Chapter 7: Breaking Stupid

  • Where-in Space-Meth and Space-X were manufactured and sold to shady people.
  • Group banned from the VIP area of the Black Market Station.
  • "Yakuza Don" royally pissed at the group.

Chapter 8: Fast 'n Stupid

  • Group is pushed out of the black market station with a bulldozer and told to never return by "Yakuza Don".
  • Group flees and attempts to do a straight up trade for another ship... naturally people are suspicious of this.
  • Group attempts to barter for a user space ship and comes out on the raw end of the deal.

Chapter 9: Game of Stupids

  • Group is sent to investigate a distress beacon that has been detected.
  • Find the Nostalgia for Infinity is the source.
  • Upon boarding find that the ship claims to have been wandering the universe for 250,000 years in search of home after beign flung across the galaxy.
  • Open a door that has writing in blood that says "Don't fucking open this door, they will fucking eat you!".
  • Creatures straight out of the movie Pandorum are encountered.
  • Group runs away and encounters a guy trying to survive.
  • Encounter another group that lures them into a trap and plans to eat the group.
  • Group kills the shit out of them and learns that getting shot in the face with crossbows hurt alot, as does falling from the ceiling.
  • Find pods filled with humanoids and five members of the other plot line run by Bogy.
  • Discover the mafia controls the ship and is taking people out of stasis for nefarious purposes (basically slave labor to pay off the debt of cybernetic implants to keep them alive).
  • Battle with mafioso.
  • Escape from the Nostalgia into the waiting arms of a small flotilla of enormous battle cruisers brought in by Darius Magnum.
  • Ends with the Nostalgia being recovered by the Delgado Network of Corporations.

Act II: More Crazy Mad Scientist Stuff!

Chapter 10: The Orb

  • Take command of the DNCS Lead Zeppelin
  • Researched the orb.
  • Triggered nanites to eat everything.
  • THrew prisoner in with nanites.
  • Prisoner was transformed by the nanites into a strange alien that spoke heavily accented galactic common.

Chapter 11: The New Alien

  • Discussions begin with the new alien.
  • Whomever is in charge of the black market station contacts the Lead Zeppelin and tells the crew to name their price for the alien and artifact.
    • Request for visual contact is denied.
  • Group stalls for time and asks for $1,000,000,000,000,000 to which the other ship responds accepting the offer but indicates that it can only put $1,000,000,000 down each and the rest will have to be liquidated for final payment.
  • The group gets very nervous and prepares to jump, but find the safety controls prevent them from doing so.
  • While stalling for more time while JARVIS attempts to disable the safety controls, they are given an alternate offer of the coordinates to what the group believes to be the long lost Android Hub containing all of history and the technological achievements of the previous cycle. They are given reason to believe this as texts detailing the Robolution are provided.
  • The group jumps after much debate.
  • The group debates fleeing from the Network, but ultimately agree to contact Darius Magnum.
  • Darius meets up with the group and sets a new coordinate to jump to, where they are greeted by three enormous battlecruisers.
  • Negotiations continue with the aliens. There end up being 6 total aliens, with one taken by the Network to study and return "if possible".
  • An offer was put on the table for a remote Mars sized Class M planet in exchange for full access to the aliens' technology.
  • As the quest left off, the Lead Zeppelin was still surrounded by 3 enormous battle cruisers, had a wetworks team aboard, and Darius Magnum chilling.

Chapter 12: Roberto's Shit-bot Emporium

  • Threaten to dump the aliens into a black hole if they do not give humans a version of the orb.
  • Settle the aliens on a world to call their own.
  • Sent to track down Jean Gray.
  • Pick up your previous ship at a secret Network Emergency Cache space station.
  • Return to the black market station in search of Jean Gray.
  • Uncover information about her working for some "Extreme" people, not 100% sure if that means her current employer, an Italian Mafioso running the district just outside of the VIP area of the station.
  • Create a shit-bot to sell to Roberto. Rumba, Trash Can, Novelty Fist, Stun gun.

Chapter 13: Snarf Wars Episode IV: The Empire's New Hope

Chapter 14: Mafia Genetics