Quests (The Apocalypses Zeta 3.5)

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The Apocalypses Zeta 3

Bogy's PCs (Player,Acts)

Alistair's PCs (Player,Acts)

Retired PCs (Acts)

  • None (yet)


Quest 1: A normal day at the office

  • Mikee, perhaps the worst mining engineer ever, saw the motherload of Blue while scanning the mining tunnels for mineables. He set his mining charges and the miners found... pretty much the average amount.
  • Alistair broke up a bar fight.
  • Turd quarantined a man for a bad case of the Venusian flu. A disgusting disease that causes blisters to form on the face that occasional burst open and shoot infectious pus.
  • Avian diagnosed a problem with the portable fusion reactor the miners use to power their lasers, greatly increasing their output and contributing to a mining accident.
  • After the reactor was fixed, one of the miners accidentally breached the shell of a metal barrel used for breaking down mined rock with a laser. The beam nearly severed another miner's leg.
  • Jarvis used the confusion to deliver a package to one of his clients, the guy who caused the accident in the first place.
  • Jarvis and Mikee then grabbed the injured miner and brought him to the surface vehicle to rush him to the infirmary only to find the surface vehicle broken down.
  • Alistair was called to the scene to transport the injured miner to the infirmary but first he was to secure the scene and make sure no crime had taken place.
  • Once he secured the scene, the miner was rushed to the infirmary. Turd, the only doctor, stabilized him then had to choose between growing him a new leg (a long process that would leave him out of work for months) and attaching a cybernetic leg and sending him back to work tomorrow. Turd slapped a cybernetic leg on him and told him he was good to go.
  • After a long, hard day, everyone retired to the bar for a drink. They sat down at the only table available, with one unconscious bar patron and another staring into his drink mumbling to himself.
  • The odd man struck up a conversation with the table and said some odd things:
    • That the instances of mental breakdown in this mine was 25% higher than anywhere else,
    • That "they" weren't really mining, "they" were looking for something buried in the asteroid. As proof he cited the poor mining results and a big stack of diagrams on the mining tunnels.
    • He said that in the last few weeks "they" obviously found what they were looking for.
    • And last, he said "they" were all demons and that he had to kill all the demons and save all the innocent lives.
  • He then revealed that he had just finished planting mining explosives all over the station and in the tunnels and the last was strapped to his chest. All he had to do was press the detonator which was suddenly in his hand.
  • Mikee and Jarvis kept him talking while Alistair stealthily sidled up beside him and grabbed his hand. Alistair and Jarvis wrestled him to the ground and beat the snot out of him while additional security rushed in.
  • The man was taken into custody and the mines were (presumably) all found and disarmed.

Rewards: 2 points

Quest 2: New recruits

Rewards: 2 points