Quests (The Apocalypses Zeta 4)

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The Apocalypses Zeta 4

Bogy's PCs (Player,Acts)

Alistair's PCs (Player,Acts)

Alistair's Utility PCs (Player,Acts)

Retired PCs (Acts)

  • None (yet)


Point Total

Point Total: 202 = 150 + 0 + 0 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 30

Current Assets

Rail Needle Gatling Gun

This gun is an electromagnetic railgun that fires tiny needles at targets at a very high rate of fire. It achieves its high rate of fire by firing from different rails in sequence. Unfortunately due to its design it can only be fired in fully automatic mode.

Skill: Gunner (Machine gun)
TL: 11
Damage: 4d(2) pi
Acc: 4
Range: 100/500
Weight: 50
RoF: 25 (depending upon how it plays out this may end up getting increased)
Shots: 1,000 (when mounted on vehicles a much larger hopper is utilized)
ST: 18M
Bulk: -8
Rcl: 1
LC: 1

Off-the-shelf Gear

In addition to any gear you have given to your character, the ship has the blueprints and materials necessary to 3D print the following:

  • Guns
    • Laser Rifle (Standard Laser)
    • Laser Pistol
    • Laser Sniper Rifle
  • Guns, ONLY by officer orders
    • Blaster Carbine
    • Blaster Pistol
    • Blaster Rifle
    • Heavy Blaster
    • Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • Gun Accessories:
    • Various Underbarrel weapons
    • Various Scopes and sights
  • Melee Weapons
    • Electric Stun Wand
    • Force Blade
    • Force Sword
    • Zap Gloves - Will need refitted by the local armourer to be incorporated into suits of armor.
  • Most things the official builder classifies as "Miscellaneous Equipment".

Shock Troop Loadout

You would be assigned this armor if you are not going into a stealth attack, but rather are going into a situation where the enemy knows where and when you are arriving. All armors if worn with a helmet are considered to support the vacuum of space despite what the books might say.

  • Choice of:
    • Battlesuit (TL11)
    • Combat Hardsuit (TL11)

Commando Loadout

You would typically wear this type of armor when going on covert missions or are not expecting to see heavy combat. All armors if worn with a helmet are considered to support the vacuum of space despite what the books might say.

  • Choice of:
    • Tactical Suit (TL11)
    • Monocrys Tacsuit (TL11) - Newly invented, not available to any but SPecOps at this point.

Act I

Chapter 1: Security Force Beta

  • Capture a mutated strong man.
  • Need a rescue by Alpha Squad in securing the building.

Chapter 2: Also Security Force Beta

  • Lots of fighting.

Chapter 3: The Botched Hostage Rescue

  • Reassigned to Black Ops Command
  • Sent to rescue Planetary Congress of New Pittsburgh.
  • All hostages die.
  • All terrorists die, despite orders for a capture.
  • Hopefully Alpha Squad did better at the Sulkesh Embassy.

Chapter 4: The Death of Oven Fucker

  • Group sent on black ops mission to raid a Delgado Network facility and make it look like a raider attack.
  • Group is launched Star Trek Into Darkness style at the space station.
  • They arrive, destroy 3 comm transmitters and the distress beacon and enter.
  • Insane hacks get them full access to lock down escape pods and reprogram the security droids.
  • All inhabitants are killed by the droids.
  • Droids are programmed to kill each other, and seem to start screaming something about "There can be only 1!"
  • Oven Fucker is the last surviving droid and is put down using a high explosive device.
  • Group successfully downloads all data from the station and sets the self destruct.
  • Group escapes and is congratulated on their first completely successful mission.

Chapter 5: Corporate Espionage

Chapter 6: The United Colonies Strike Back

Chapter 7: Please Use the Terminal

Chapter 8: Lost in Space

Chapter 9: Space Station 69

  • Valaeren Robots & AI are encountered.
  • Strange labs with experiments in genetics and putting Valaeren flesh onto robotic bodies.

Chapter 10: Begun the Corporate Wars Have

Chapter 11: Nuclear Degrassed Dyson Sphere

Chapter 12: Blackholes, AI, and Brain Surgery

Chapter 13: Liberation of XXXXXX, Part 1

  • D-day type landing in an orbital ring
    • Several members are dismembered and 1 death
  • Healed up partially
  • Nano attack causing cancerous growths on those not in monocrys armor.
  • Power to terminals
  • Hack terminals for blueprints
  • Head to the data center via tram
  • greeted by 4 naked dudes covered in nanites.

Chapter 14: Liberation of XXXXXX, Part 2

  • Kill the naked dudes
  • Fight way into the server room
  • Get as much data as possible.
  • Head for control room.
  • Ordered to surrender, upon taking aim, 52 bulk heads drop blocking the group's path.
  • Space battle is more or less over.
  • C400 used to bust into house.
  • Scrap all laser based weapons to build a high powered cutting torch since there aren't enough explosives to reach the control room.
  • End 2 bulk heads from the control room.

Chapter 15: Liberation of XXXXXX, Part 3

Coming soon

Chapter 16: Earth Past of Future?