Realms of Darkness

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Realms of Darkness



Retired PCs

Dead Characters

  • None yet somehow?


The enemy that chased you out was comprised of an army of demons, devils, and unspeakable horrors. Some wizard had used magic that he didn't understand and the terrible army poured into your realm. They pushed you back until only a small settlement on an island of refugees remained. From there you began a trek to find a new plane of existence for your people.

The trek was long and arduous with most children, infants, and the elderly not surviving the journey. Many of your members mutated as a result of exposure to the dream/nightmare realms. As a result despite being human, some are barely recognizable as such. Whether the mutations were genetic in nature or not remains to be seen (you don't know genetics exist for starters).

Your leaders wanted an abandoned world, rich in resources and that seems to be what you discovered. Unfortunately the world is as harsh as it is rich in resources. The climate is chilly, the water in the sea is salty (unheard of on your home plane), the mountains are plentiful and steep, the valleys narrow, the plant-life sparse being mostly grasses and shrubs. The small river you settled next to is freshwater, but icy cold as though it comes from a glacier somewhere deeper in the mountains. You are low on supplies and lack necessary building supplies.

Your group will serve as scouts and vanguards for the survivors that fled your world. Your people are few in numbers, probably about 50,000 at the start of the campaign, with virtually no children under the age of 12 and no adults over the age of 50 due to the journey having been too harsh on the people. Morale is incredibly low.

You are definitely aware that multiple planes of existence are around, having fled from extinction on your home-world through a long walk through what in Bogy's campaign would be Dreams, but to you are planes. Unlike normal Dream realms even small walks have significant rather than small incremental changes in this strange corner of "reality".

The details on how the trek specifically began are still being worked out by me along with additional details and a world map that will be insanely fog of warred for you guys.


The refugees are led by the Council of Five (no not meant as a Judge Dredd reference...). Each leader represents what was once one of several major nations that fled your home world. Culturally all the nations are a bit different from each other and getting past their differences and grievances has been difficult for many on the journey. The council hopes to keep things calm but also don't trust each other fully. The Council made the decision to abandon the use of the names of the previous nations because they recognize the need to work together given how few remain. It is hoped by not referring to each other by former nationalities that a peace can be settled upon.

  • Councilor Adrienne Burton - Daughter of a Carpenter, has some skills in that regard.
    • Delegated Responsibilities: Construction
  • Councilor Arabelle Redwood - Life Mage & Doctor
    • Delegated Responsibilities: Medicine, General Welfare of the people
  • Councilor Horatio Blackburn - Former Baron of the island from which the trek began, generally viewed as a unifying figure through his diplomatic skills
    • Delegated Responsibilities: Resource Acquisition
  • Councilor Jacob Mast - Former Captain of a merchant vessel. Has some shipwright skills.
    • Delegated Responsibilities: Transportation
  • Councilor Sakura Highmore - A shadowy woman who was able to lead her people to the island. Little is known about her.
    • Delegated Responsibilities: Food Supplies


The military can hardly be called a military at this time. The bulk of the forces remained behind on your home-world to provide enough time for the civilians to begin their journey. It is expected that they will never be seen again. This said, the council has begun the creation of a defensive force from its few remaining military members, children of military members, and generally anyone willing to take up a weapon.

  • General Avitus Baro - Was a wounded lieutenant that was evacuated with the civilians. Considered the most qualified by the Council. Charge is to build the force from the ground up.
  • Captain Günter Fahrenheit - An awesome name that a name generator gave me that makes him worth being awesome. Forces Mage that was with the vanguard of the refugees in their journey.
  • Roughly 100 people with any sort of combat experience.
  • Roughly 10,000 volunteers awaiting training.

Other Notable People

  • 1 Architect, the oldest person still alive after the journey. Actively training Councilor Adrienne Burton
  • 1 Bard, but he kinda sucks because well.. bard...
  • 1 Blacksmith, anticipates having to take more once a smithy can be created
  • 3 Blacksmith apprentices
  • 10 Farmers, actively seeking farmhands for when farms can be established.
  • 10 Fishermen, actively seeking crews for when they can get some boats. In the mean time looking for materials for nets.
  • 1 Horse Trainer, actively seeking apprentices before the art is lost.
  • 5 Leather-workers, anticipate taking apprentices
  • 1 Mason - Doesn't claim to be a mason as he was an apprentice for like 2 weeks building walls on the island.
  • 3 Shepherds, anticipate training more

Character Creation

  • Race: Human
  • Language: Human
  • Points: 140 + 10
    • The "+10" is for points to go directly into Hit Points to get you to a minimum of 15HP to start. Monsters will be hitting hard so you may want to buy more.
  • Magic: Yes
    • Shield spells capped at +3 to defenses and no stacking of shields (I think that part's normal).
    • Limitation requiring spheres 2 below in other magic is in place. Example Below:
      • Forces 5, SPace 3, Spirit 1 VALID
      • Forces 5, Space 5, Spirit 3 INVALID
      • Forces 5, Space 5, Spirit 3, Mind 3, Life 1, Death 1 VALID
  • Alchemy: If somebody is interested I'll have to brush up on what Bogy previously let Avianpilot do with this.
  • Disadvantages: 20, with up to 5 quirks counted into this limit. This is a departure from my norm of it being different.
  • Advantages:
    • Talents should remain related; No combat or magic skills in talents.
    • Don't bother with things like Wealth or Status because it makes no sense at least at the start.
    • Just run them past me for official approval. I don't anticipate blocking anything unless it leads to insane defenses or attacks.... or something monstrous your people would have killed and/or abandoned on the journey.
  • Tech Level: 3
  • Equipment: $1,500 - use it or lose it. Shops won't be setup until a permanent settlement can be established and you wouldn't have carried dead weight on your journey. Once the campaign starts expect to barter or requisition gear and services.
    • No Firearms or explosives.

Equipment Assigned to Your Group

  • 1x Climbing Kit
  • 1x Group Basics
  • 5x Parchment and drawing utensils for making maps

Group Requirements

You need at least one person covering the following skills:

  • Cartography - Avianpilot primary, Bogy secondary
  • Climbing - Everyone
  • First Aid (Human) - Mikee, Jarvis
  • Naturalist (Earth-like) - Mikee
  • Navigation (Land) - Avianpilot
  • Prospecting - Bogy
  • Survival (Mountain) - Jarvis
  • Swimming or an alternate means of crossing rivers - Avianpilot, Jarvis, Mikee
  • Tracking - Avianpilot, Jarvis

Potentially Useful

  • Biology (Earth-like)
  • Engineer (Mining) - What happens if a tunnel collapses behind you? Do you forge through looking for an alternative or dig your way out? I suspect that I know the answer.
  • Herb Lore
  • Survival (River/Stream) - If you want fish to eat you'll be wanting this otherwise expect grubs and shit.
  • Life Magic and/or Surgery
  • Skills to potentially repair your gear and any loot. You could always wait until you return to your people though.

Current Character Concepts

  • Avianpilot - Beast-man ranger-type; Cartography, Climbing, Naturalist, Navigation (Land), Survival (Woodlands), Swimming, and Tracking
  • Bogy - Herman the Hermit (crab); Blacksmithing, Survival, Prospecting, various making stuff skills
  • Jarvis - Paladin Demon Hunter; Tracking, First-Aid, Survival (Mountain), Climbing, Swimming, Hidden Lore (Demons)
  • Mikee - Cleric Botanist; First-Aid, Naturalist, Gardening, Survival, Climbing, Swimming
  • Turd -