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Here-in lies things for the Round Robin Campaign


List of arcs in order with rough genre and point total info.

Mikee - Humor Bureaucrapolis (75)

The emphasis is on the third syllable.

Bogy - Mystery/Horror Morberg (100)

Avianpilot - Survival (125)

Jarvis - The Incident (150)

Campaign Arc Style: Survival Horror

  • Expect hostile adversaries. Even some that will strongly outclass the characters.
  • Combat will be almost certain though combat skills won't be required per se. Alternatives to direct damage in combat will abound and direct damage might not be the best way to handle all situations.
  • Don't rely on anything that your character might bring into the arc. This goes for equipment and powers. Some powers might be very helpful and unaffected. Others might change from combat damage abilities to utility powers. Others still might be wholly without use. And while it might appear as a point loss at first, powers will be balanced as best as possible to be useful in arc based on their point cost. No such consideration will be applied to equipment removed.
  • Physical damage will abound and the possibility for traumatic physical or mental injury will be high. Horror and Fear checks won't be used directly. Sanity issues will be a direct result of player choices (and passivity might be the worst choice).

Turd - I forget (175)

Character Creation

  • Starting Point total: 75
  • Disadvantage limit: 30
    • Reduced attributes do not count toward your disadvantage limit but if you abuse it your character will suffer a fate worse than death. Namely being left in Bureaucrapolis.
    • On top of that, pick a disadvantage up to 20 points that you will be inflicted with over the course of the campaign. Add half the value to your point total.
      • OR don't pick any disadvantage at all, add 10 points to your point total and get a fun surprise!
  • Quirk limit: 5, optionally add quirks at a later date
  • Base TL: 6, buy up or down as needed for your character's tech level. Does not count toward disadvantage limit.
  • Equipment: Probably what you'd reasonably be carrying on your person in day-to-day life. (The Dent wearing pajama pants, a somewhat ratty t-shirt, a bathrobe, and slippers, for example)
  • Starting Wealth: Probably none?


  • Alistair - Survivalist US Army Guide from the Civil War Era, TL 5
  • Avian - WWII pilot TL 6+3 (more to come as the game progresses)
  • Bogy - High gravity worlder TL 9/10
  • Jarvis - Snactor or Einstein TL ?
  • Mikee - The Dent, TL 8
  • Turd - Something frightening probably