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Character Creation details


The point total for your characters is 400 with 30 points of disadvantages plus 5 points in quirks.

The points are to be spent on the Template as well as any equipment you might have. NO money will be given out to purchase equipment with.

Vacuum Support is not required. You will be on space ships or on planet at all times. Though it is possible that if you do Dumb Things then you could breach the hull of a space ship.


There are certain Required limitations. They are listed below.

  • Can be stolen, quick contest [-30%] - Required for all hand held items including weapons.
  • Can be stolen, forcefully removed [-10%] - Required for all armor, things built into your armor.
  • Weight [-5% per level] - Required for all items. Stuff has weight! For every level of this disadvantage, the item weighs half a pound per point it costs.
  • Psyker [-5%] - Required for any Advantages that do not have Weight! Being a Psyker is bad! Wanna find out why? Give yourself Psyker powers!


Yep, there's a Template. Space Marines are the cream of the crop from every planet in the Imperium, then they are trained from childhood to be bad asses and implanted with bioengineered organs to make them more than human.

Space Marine!
Race Space Marine!
Genre Future Stuff!
Point Cost 157
Age Unspecified
ST +4 [40]
DX +2 [40]
IQ +1 [20]
HT +2 [20]
HP +6 [12]
Will 11 [0]
PER 11 [0]
FP 12 [0]
Mn 10 [Unspecified]
Ambidexterity [5]; Fit [5]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Legal Enforcement Powers [15]; Less Sleep 4 [8]; Longevity [2]; Regeneration (Slow) [10]
Disciplines of Faith, Ritualism [-5]; Duty, Almost all of the time, Extremely Hazardous, Involuntary [-25]


Imagine the Dark Ages but in space. The vast majority of humanity is stupid, small minded and ignorant with no real understanding of how the technology they use actually works. They are taught The Rituals of the Machine, the bare essentials of how to make the machines they use work properly. Even the exalted Space Marines themselves are taught only the Rituals, unless they become some sort of Technician. Every morning, a Space Marine is required to wake up and perform the Rituals of Anointment, taking apart and lubricating his armor, weaponry and any other gear he has.

Much has been lost, technologically, as well. War, attrition, disaster, all have contributed to the loss of human knowledge. There is much that used to be commonplace that is impossible in this day and age.

How to Make a Space Marine

Space Marines to be are the abducted from any of the Million Worlds of the Imperium at a young age. Special Space Marines called Recruiters scour planets for the best they have to offer, taking all of the strongest, brightest, most promising children to Recruitment Centers deep inside the Imperium. Once there, they are tested for resilience, resistance to pain, ability to think under stress, freedom from dangerous mutation and other necessary qualities of a Space Marine. Some 35% do not pass this initial examination. The dead are, if enough is left of the body, transformed into a biomechanical servitor to aid the Space Marines in physical labors. The few who fail and do not die have their minds scrubbed and become mindless slaves, essentially performing the same tasks as those who died.

Then the aspiring Space Marines begin training, both in mind and body. The training is rigorous and brutal and coincides with the implantation (by various means) of 19 organs that transform the man into the 7' tall mountain of muscle and resilience that is the Space Marine. The fact that these two processes coincide with one another makes both more difficult to survive and another 42% fail to survive this stage. Those who fail have the 19 organs re-harvested and implanted into the next candidate. The precious organs must never be wasted.

The (roughly) third that survive the process become the most feared fighters in the Imperium, the Space Marines.


Our 6 daring Space Marines met in a bar on a Space Carrier, drinking water and looking disdainfully at the lesser humans drinking alcohol. They were soon summoned to the bridge to speak with the Captain and two of his mysterious advisers. The Captain explained to the 6 that they were there to protect the ship during their dangerous trips through the Warp, the demon infested sub-space used to travel quickly between the many planets of the Imperium. Though soon enough they were pressed into special service for the Emperor, at their very first way station no less.

While picking up supplies at a Hiveworld, 3 of the Space Marines were sent down to the planet on a mission to secure "critical information and personnel". They were given a locator and picture of the individual in question and told to retrieve the data in the man's possession by any means necessary. They were warned that the populace of the particular Hive they were going to was rioting uncontrolled. Unconcerned, the Space Marines entered a drop pod and were shot from space toward the awaiting Hive city.

They emerged from the drop pod noting with disinterest that their pod was fired directly through the wall of the enclosed Hive city, destroying several buildings in the process. Perhaps taking a cue from the haste with which they were sent to the planet, they quickly checked their scanner and began moving toward their goal. The area of the city was several levels above where they needed to be but fairly empty of rioters. It wasn't until they found a stairwell and moved a level below that they encounter rioters. And resistance. Angered by the presence of the Space Marine squad, some of the rioters ran out from behind corners and pelted the Marines with rocks and garbage. The Psyker of the group quickly quelled a large group of them with a blast from his mental powers, killing several and knocking out several more. They scattered at that point, fearing for their lives.

After finding the correct level, the Marines were trotting down the center of an abandoned street strewn with wreckage and abandoned vehicles when they were ambushed by two dozen armed men posted in the buildings around them. Two of the smarter Marines immediately took cover in one of the buildings and began charging up the stairs to meet the ambushers head on. The Psyker, however, thought it wise to stand in the center of the road and blast at them with his mind powers. He found himself horribly wrong however when, after killing two of their number with a single blast of his powers, the remaining 22 men opened fire on him, some with hire powered rifles. Most shots glanced off the Psyker's ancient Power Armor but a few managed to puncture and bit deep. In moments he found himself nearly disabled and limped behind cover. He did credit to his Chapter by continuing his assault from behind cover, keeping as little of himself exposed as possible.

The other two confronted the interlopers, trapping the first two in a room and dismantling them with blows from Force Swords and Thunder Hammer. They then took their stand in the confines of the room, forcing their enemies, armed mostly with long, awkward rifles, to close with them. The fight did not last long. The combined forces of the Psyker, holding off half their number, and two Space Marines armed with some of the Imperium's finest close combat weapons (or in one Space Marine's case, TWO of the Imperium's finest close combat weapons) caused the attackers to quickly bolt.

After the battle, the Space Marines moved more cautiously, treating the area as hostile territory and traveling by way of back alleys and narrow side streets to reach their destination. They broke into the building they believed contained their target and found him huddled in a back room, the precious data crystal implanted into his skin for protection. They quickly made their way to the roof and commandeered a shuttle to take them back to orbit. Once there, they presented the target to the Captain. He cut the data crystal from a pocket in his chest and inserted it directly into a machine to read its contents. It was only then that the importance of the information was revealed to them.

The contents of the data crystal contained not only the reason for the rioting in the Hive City but also their next mission. The Adeptus Astartes agents on the Hiveworld had found that a splinter from a Tyranid Hive Fleet was making its way toward an important Agriworld on the fringe of Imperium space. It happened to be the same Agriworld that supplied the Hive City with most of the food to feed its teeming 100 billion inhabitants. With that flow of food cut off, tens of billions of people would starve before another Agriworld could ship food to the hungry, overpopulated Hive. This information somehow leaked to the public and panic ensued. Food riots broke out as billions of people began hoarding anything edible. People quickly began to starve as the delicate structure necessary to feed so many people in so small of a space broke down over night, causing more panic as people's worst fears were realized.

The Carrier left the Hive to its fate, fearing the Tyranid force gaining a foothold in the Imperium far more than the loss of a 100 billion people. Hundreds of worlds full of trillions of people could die if the Tyranid infection were to spread. The Carrier entered the Warp, immediately encountering a ferocious Warp storm. They managed to skirt and told the Space Marines to be on alert for Warp Madness and other problems common to the Warp. They did not have to wait long for trouble to arise. Several technicians spontaneously began attacking critical components in the engineering section of the ship. The three Marines sent to the site of the disturbance quickly dispatched 5 engineers wielding man-sized tools. They had fanatical strength and seemed completely immune to pain and when one got his head cracked open by a blow from a Thunder Hammer, maggots poured out onto the floor.

The Space Marines remained vigilant throughout the rest of the trip but no other problems manifested themselves. Upon leaving the Warp, the Carrier was immediately confronted by the splinter from the Tyranid Hive fleet. The Tyranids had just beaten the Space Marines to the planet and landing pods full of Tyranid monsters were pouring out onto the Agriworld. While the Carrier itself opened fire on the orbiting vessels, the 6 Space Marines were spat out toward the world in two separate locations to combat the alien menace. The 6 warriors were to be pitted against the hundreds of Tyranid monsters flooding the world. They considered it a fair fight.

The first group of Marines landed in a small town already gutted by the alien horde. Bodies were strewn along the ground, their bodies torn apart by whatever had ravaged them. It did not take them long to find out what. Out of some of the ruined buildings sprinted about a dozen horrors. Each had four legs, four arms, two of which sprouted from their back and carried long, scythe-like claws. They had the Space Marines surrounded and were closing quickly on them from all sides. Instead of retreating into the relative safety of the drop pod, the three charged into a group of three of the Tyranids, quickly tearing them to pieces. They then closed with a second group of three, annihilating two of their number before the last six closed with them. The sharp claws of the Tyranids sheared through their Power Armor, wounding them but they fought on and overcame the small group of attackers. Though victorious, they had no time to celebrate. In the distance, they saw another group of the same aliens charging toward a hill topped by 5 robed human figures surrounding a bound human and Tyranid warrior. The sounds of chanting carried on the wind to the Marines and dread grew in them.

They ran toward the hill but before they could reach it, one of the robed figures pulled out a large knife, quickly slaying both the bound figures. In moments, the hill erupted in the sickly, purple light of the Warp. A creature stepped out, tall and thin like a scarecrow, vaguely human in shape but cadaverous with bones protruding from its taught skin. A demon had emerged from the Warp to plague this world. The Psyker stopped in his tracks and with all of his mental strength attempted to still the life of the demon with his powers. The thing from the Warp ignored the attack and stepped forward, disappearing and emerging behind the Psyker. It grasped the Psyker from behind and both were surrounded in that same disgusting purple Warp light. Before his two companions could turn around, the Psyker fell to the ground, apparently dead. Without a thought, the two remaining Space Marines charged the demon. It easily avoided their blows and wrapped its thin, frail-looking arms around the Space Marine wielding the Thunder Hammer. At the same time, the Psyker rose from the ground but the sickly purple light in his eyes revealed that he was not the same being who had fallen moments before. He attacked his companions, the last free one dying in agony as the Psyker snuffed out his life. And the Marine in the demon's grasp fell next as it filled him with purple light.

The 3 other Marines were informed of the fate of their mates by the Captain. He told them that they had a new mission. Nothing was more important than killing the demon (or perhaps demons?) before they spread. Even the Tyranid menace was nothing compared to the thought of a demon gaining control of the world, allowing millions more demons into Reality. If they could not fulfill their mission, Exterminatus was to be called on the world and it would be obliterated. Whole worlds would starve for lack of the food produced by this prosperous Agriworld but that was a minor concern compared to allowing the demons to roam free.


Behind the scenes or the plot that would have been revealed if it hadn't been a one-shot

A small splinter of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Gorgon broke off from the main body of the fleet and headed to a small Imperium world on the fringe of their space. A Narvhal lead the fleet. A bio-ship that can alter gravity to allow the Narvhal and other accompanying ships to travel faster than light. One of the consequences of Narvhal ships is a disruption of gravity in the destination system, often leading to earthquakes, tidal waves and other problems. An Inquisitor hitching a ride on a ship transporting goods from the Agriworld (the destination of the Tyranid splinter fleet) to a Hiveworld noticed the telltale signs of an approaching Narvhal.

When the transport ship stopped at the Hiveworld, he informed the Adeptus Astartes listening post there of a probable Hive Fleet invasion. The listening post found the Hive Fleet approaching the world that is their only food source. The information leaked to the general public and panic ensued. Tens of billions of people crammed into a single towering city suddenly learned that they could die of starvation in a matter of months. Food riots began, people fearing for their lives didn't even come to work. The Adeptus Astartes listening post broke down and they were unable to get the information to their superiors that the Hive Fleet was coming. While the carrier was back on its way to the Hiveworld to retrieve the information, panic only grew. All this concentrated negative emotion spawned something in the Warp. A demon, feeding on the suffering of people already starving from the breakdown in social order. It grew lean and cadaverous, mimicking the appearance of the starving people it fed upon.

The transport ship arrived once again to collect the information about the Tyranid Hive Fleet and sent down their Space Marine squad to retrieve it. Seeing a threat to himself, the newly spawned demon of starvation incited people against the Space Marines, though the attack ended up being mostly ineffectual. After the Marines found their target and the carrier left for the Agriworld to head off the Tyranid fleet, the demon followed them through the Warp. He made a deal with entities residing in the powerful Warp Storm caused by all the panic and fear on the planet below. He helped them infect the minds of some of the engineers aboard the carrier and they forced the engineers to attack components critical to the ship's food refrigeration system. They failed once again due to the Space Marines involvement so the demon sped ahead of the ship to arrive at the Agriworld and cause problems there.

Once at the Agriworld, the demon found that it was ripe for his use. A planet rich with heretics and psykers, he made contact with demon worshipers rich in psykic energy and taught them how to open a rift in the warp. At the height of the populace's panic, when Tyranids, Space Marines and the people themselves were all fighting for survival, 5 disciples were to focus their psyker energy in a ritual and sacrifice a powerful psyker in his name, along with a captured Tyranid. They did this atop a hill in full view of Tyranids and Space Marines and the energies unleashed a tear in the fabric of space, allowing the demon to step from the Warp physically.

The demon then attacked the Space Marines who were trying to foil all his plans and infused them with the vile energies of the Warp, stripping away all of their hard-won control and discipline in a moment and corrupting them with the power of raw Chaos. They immediately scattered, spreading Chaos and panic among any they encountered.

What happened next?