Stupor Heroes

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Attention superheroes!! The vile Dr. von Dumb has kidnapped the ASSOCIATION OF ALLIED ADEPTS, the A-list super-powered citizens that America City knows and loves. The AAA now needs heroes themselves!! It's time for the second string to step up to the plate and make for the goal, or some other over-extended sports metaphor!!


The idea is that you guys are the B-list superheroes, and the A-list has been kidnapped while you've been left alone as relative unknowns. To reflect your B-list status, you're only 200-point characters. (You don't need to have 'useless' or bizarre powers, just fall in the 200 point limit.)

Character Creation

  • 200 points.
  • 75 points in Disadvantages, with preference for fewer, larger Disadvantages. (Ideally, your SUPER WEAKNESS and a SUPER CODE OF CONDUCT!!)
  • 5 points in Quirks, not counted toward Disadvantage limit.
  • Power Modifiers Encouraged, except Cosmic
  • Cosmic Modifiers severely restricted, allowed on a case-by-case basis. Almost certainly not allowed to stack.
  • No stacking Area of Effect with Rate of Fire.
  • Silliness (and puns!) encouraged, but not required.
  • There may be an adjustment to ST cost after ST 25. If anyone cares to play the 'Brick' archetype, we'll work on it.


  • Mr. Perfect - A man so beautiful(?), he melts faces with a smile.
  • Short Bus (Alistair) - VW Bus Type 2, Retarded Transformer (was the retarded part unnecessary? probably)

Rules In Place

  • Cartoon Health: If you get knocked out/die in one battle or scene, you come back at half health for the next one. This replaces use of Influence Points as a simpler way of achieving what I wanted IP to do for this game.
  • Damage rules! Shock, knockback, knockdown, stunning, major wounds, crippled limbs. Next up: Learn how those work...