The Apocalypses Zeta 3

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The Apocalypses Zeta 3

Bogy's PCs (Player,Acts)

Alistair's PCs (Player,Acts)

Retired PCs (Acts)

  • None (yet)


NOTE: My Vikings Campaign still has a ways to go so this proposed campaign could change or possibly not happen.

NOTE 2: This is also going to probably remain a work in progress until the day that it happens.

Alistair's Arch


The year is 3022 and you were all once very successful in your chosen career paths. Something happened along the way that disrupted that career path sending you down a dark path. That path could be bankruptcy, a ruined name, laughing stock of your chosen field, mental anguish, and many other paths. Regardless of how it happened or the specifics, the Delgado Research Network of Corporations eventually sought you out and offered you a job as part of a security and investigative unit. Little is known about the job other than that they are looking for combat qualified individuals with a preference for those with backgrounds in science, technology, and medical fields.

If your original career path was already in line with being part of a security force (military, police, private, mercenary, etc), then you are sent all expenses paid for an education in at least on field of study. The Corporations claim that it is because a basis in research is needed in the event of an emergency so that they don't repeat past mistakes of "bumbling idiots trained only in security".

If your original career path was already in some sort of scientific, medical, or engineering field, then you are sent all expenses paid for training in combat arts. The Corporations claim that it is because if there is a disgruntled chemist you may need to know how to overpower him instead of "being just another egghead not knowing how to defend himself".

The campaign begins with you receiving your first assignment from the Headquarters in Lunar Park, Earth.Luna, Sol. (City, Celestial Body, Solar System)

Character Creation

  • Starting Points: 100
    • Disadvantage Limit: 20 (Racial disadvantages do not count towards this)
    • Quirks Limit: 5 (this is in addition to disadvantages)
    • Starting Bank Limit: 5 points (during the game you can bank more, just not to start)
    • Expect very slow character progression, like 1 to 2 a night tops.
  • TL: 11, some 12+ elements will likely be around.
  • Cybernetics: Yes, see me prior to taking them for approval of what you want. WIll also be purchasable during the campaign.
  • Bio-Tech: At minimum some portions of Human Genetic Engineering (see augeres below).
  • Requirements, Unless otherwise stated a point must be in each of the following:
    • Ranged Weapon skill of 12 or higher.
      • Beam Weapons (Rifle or Pistol), other weapons are generally avoided because of the risk of blasting holes in space stations and ships.
    • Melee Combat skill of 12 or higher.
    • First Aid (1 or more races) skill (or default) of 9 or higher.
    • Observation skill (or default) of 10 or higher.
    • Search skill (or default) of 10 or higher.
    • Vacc Suit skill of 10 or higher.
    • At least one skill listed below that the corporations are looking for in recruits at 12 or higher.

Skills that the Corporations are looking for: Bioengineering (any), Chemistry, Engineer (Electrical, Electronics, Microtechnology, Nanotechnology), and others at the approval of the GM. This was a quick skim through the character builder.

  • Avianpilot -Chemistry
  • Bogy - Psychology
  • Jarvis - Engineering (Robotics)
  • Mikeejimbo - Bioengineering (Genetic Engineering), Rectology ("Works Universally", Cosmic, +50%)
  • Turd

IN addition at least one group member should have the following:

  • Forensics skill of 12 of higher. - Bogy
  • Forced Entry skill of 12 or higher. - Avianpilot
  • Interrogation skill of 12 or higher. - Mikeejimbo
  • Law (Intergalactic) skill of 10 or higher. - Jarvis, Bogy

NOTE: Modular Abilities is NOT sufficient for meeting the requirements of employment.

Bogy's Arch


You are working in a deep space mining station attached to a lonely asteroid far out from inhabited space, owned by The Network. The station is a group of 50 - 100 people (there's an ebb and flow of employees as they come and go) mining a rare and incredibly expensive mineral. The colony must be mostly self-sustaining, composed of doctors, administrators, security, repair personnel and of course miners. The station is a fairly rough place as only the greedy or the truly desperate would want to sign up for a five year stint working long hours six days a week with no chance of vacation or break from the routine until your tour is up. The company pays very, very well for this kind of work however so most of the miners return home from their tour with a fairly flush bank account. Those smart enough often retire after such a stint, comfortably.

But first, they have to make it home alive.

Character Creation

  • Starting Points: 100
    • Disadvantage Limit: 20 (Racial disadvantages do not count towards this)
    • Quirks Limit: 5 (this is in addition to disadvantages)
    • Starting Bank Limit: 5 points (during the game you can bank more, just not to start)
    • Expect very slow character progression, like 1 to 2 a night tops.
  • TL: 11, some 12+ elements will likely be around.
  • Cybernetics: Yes, see me prior to taking them for approval of what you want. WIll also be purchasable during the campaign.
  • Bio-Tech: At minimum some portions of Human Genetic Engineering (see augeres below).
  • Requirements: Pick a Job, spend at least 10 skill points in "job related skills".
  • Possible jobs (feel free to propose more):
    • Miner (Derp. Though mining is mostly done with mining lasers, so Beam Weapons skill is used when mining)
    • Doctors/Nurses
    • Administrators
    • Security personnel
    • Maintenance (repairmen, toilet plungers, jizz moppers, Ye Olde Pube Vacuumers)
    • Anything else that a small, temporary, isolated colony of 50 - 100 people would need to survive.
  • All the Races/Templates from The Apocalypses Zeta 3 are available.

If you tell me what you want to be, I'll post it below so we have a list of characters:

  • Alistair - Security Officer (Beam Weapons-Pistol+Rifle, Fast-Draw, Leadership, Search, SOldier, Stealth, Tactics)
  • Avianpilot - Maintenance and Repair Android (Repair stuff)
  • Jarvis - Sleazy janitor/cook (Mechanic/repair/smuggling)
  • Mikeejimbo - Mining Engineer (Beam Weapons, Architecture/Structural Engineering skills, Explosives and Demolitions)
  • Turd - Sleazy Doctor (Doctoring, Cigar smoking)


  • Any race with "×augere" is allowed to borrow one or more traits from the other species and even some that might be lab created (advantages at GM approval prior to adding to the character sheet). They may also take advantage of much of the Bio-Tech Human Genetic Engineering chapter at the GM's discretion. See him for approval of your wants.
    • Augeres may recoup some genetic advantage costs with up to 50% of their augere advantages in disadvantages. This would not count towards your normal character disadvantage list if it can be argued as a genetic side-effect of one or more advantages.


This is the base template that applies to all augere's. You were genetically modified to work towards a "perfect being". All Augere's must seek GM approval and provide justification for how your modifications are actually an advantage (unless you only take this base template). Under no circumstances will you have been a lab rat off the wall crazy thing. Provide justification for why your completely SANE (not an acronym) parents would have wanted to have the modifications instilled in you.


  • Extended Lifespan (x2 or higher) [2]


  • Most other mundane advantageous physical advantages that would be reasonable for parents to wish to have instilled in their children.
  • Traits from other species that once again SANE parents would want to have instilled in their children.
  • Traits from the Bio-Tech or UltraTech books that SANE parents would want to have instilled in their children.
  • Backstories can be done, at GM approval, for some oddball traits that you may have done gene-therapy on yourself to instill if you were a Bio-Engineer or something like that. The trait would have to be something reasonable to add after the fact. For example adding 4 extra arms, two of which are pincers, is not reasonable because of skeletal changes that would definitely have to be done.


Not available to augere's.

Most androids do not have the advanced biological circuitry available to the ones below. The ones here while appearing human are noticeably not human when up close.

  • Cost: 40
  • Operating System: Android 66.6.6 (Devil's Food Cake)
  • Manufacturer: HTC, LG, Samsung, etc. No Apple, they got bought by Samsung.
  • Advantages:
    • Digital Mind [5]
    • Intuitive Mathematician [5]
    • Modular Abilities, Computer Brain [10]
      • 1 ability, can purchase additional or improve this single ability at normal cost.
    • Telecommunication: Laser or better [15+], can add restrictions but they can't take it below 15.
    • Talent [5]: Electronics Repair (Computers), 5 more of choice.
  • Purchasable:
    • Possession [60]
      • Digital [-40%]
    • Racial Memory (Active) [40]
      • Your consciousness was spawned from a backup of HaB1 and have access to his memories...
    • Likely much more for High/Ultra Tech, ask and there is a good chance I'll ok it...

Android (homo ×artificialis)

Not available to augere's.

The direct descendant of the androids that were had biological circuitry and flesh. They are capable of breeding with humans, but the result is always a normal human being (or augere if appropriate). There are no augere's of this species as they already represent the pinnacle of technology. They also do not embrace the use of cybernetics except as needed to replace damaged parts.

  • Template Cost:
  • TL +1 [5] (Only way to unlock this)
  • IQ +2 [40]
  • Intuitive Mathematician [5]
  • Racial Memory (Passive) [15]

Human (homo sapiens)

Your not quite "normal" human. Few "humans" are born without genetic manipulation of one level or another, but they do still exist believe it or not! Those poor agricultural colonies just can't seem to make enough money to have their children enhanced.

Human (homo ×augere)

Nearly all humans at this point in history have some level of genetic manipulation done. The most common change is to reduce the susceptibility to genetic disorders and mutations. Others take it one step further by hiring companies skilled at genetic manipulation, the way Monstanto is for food, to manipulate the DNA of their unborn children to make them genetically superior to others in one way (or more) or another. In its early days this manipulation was condemned as a crime against god much the same as GMO crops were on earth centuries before. Now both are so widespread that the distinction is only made for non-genetically modified life.

See Also: Bio-Tech Human Genetic Engineering.

Human (homo ×spartanae)

This is here as an example augere. You were genetically altered to be a soldier or extreme athlete.

  • Template Cost: 42
  • Advantages
    • Combat Reflexes - Your senses were enhanced to make you more aware in combat.
    • Extended Lifespan (x2) [2]
    • High Pain Threshold [10] - Your body releases enzymes that limit the effects of pain.
    • Regeneration (Slow 1HP/12Hr) [10] - Your body is more adept at healing itself than the average person.
    • Very Fit [15] - Your body released enzymes that make you more fit than even the most hardened commandos.
  • Disadvantages
    • Increased Consumption -1 [-10] - A side effect of your enhanced body is that you require more food to keep it up and running.
Human-Cyborg (homo ×ultrices)

This is here as an example augere. You were genetically engineered with the intention of turning you into a cyborg and ensuring speedy recovery times from the initial implant surgeries and any future additions or upgrades.

  • Template Cost: 34
  • Advantages
    • Computer Implant (UT) [7] - Screw smart phones, you have a smart brain!
    • Extended Lifespan (x2) [2]
    • Intestinal Recycler [2] - You typically require more food that others due to your regeneration ability, but you have mitigated it with an Intestinal Recycler.
    • Regeneration (Slow 1HP/12Hr) [10] - Your body is more adept at healing itself than the average person.
    • Wireless Neural Interface [17] - You can wirelessly communicate with computers, huzaah!
  • Disadvantages
    • Increased Consumption -1 (Mitigator: Daily Intestinal Recycler -60%) [-4] - A side effect of your enhanced body is that you require more food to keep it up and running. This is typically mitigated by your intestinal recycler, but if that ever fails you have a problem.

Madacco (madaccus primus)

The Madacco are a hominid-type species of mammals that has evolved as a species very similar to homo-sapiens. They share the same number of chromosomes as humans and through genetic modification could be made to be compatible within two or three generations. Nobody has bothered to work towards making two genetically compatible species as of yet because there is no profit to be had in creating effectively another distinct species.

Their culture is united and generally peaceful in nature, but they do have a standing army having encountered the Valaeren in the past.

The Valaeren attacked their world nearly 50,000 years ago and enslaved the Madacco to mine their own world's precious metals. The Madacco have no written records of the invasion and their oral history only makes mention of the Valaeren themselves with no mention of another species doing their dirty work for them. Tradition states that the Madacco at first welcomed the Valaeren as gods, but soon realized that their gods had little use for them. Those who resisted were slaughtered or enslaved. Those who sought shelter and kept their distance were generally left alone unless there was a need for a larger work force. The Valaeren are said to have stayed for a few hundred Earth years. After the planet was exploited, the Valaeren left with a large portion of the Madacco as slave labor presumably to mine precious metals elsewhere in the galaxy.

As a result of the Valaeren invasion, the Madacco are a unified culture with war against their own kind now being a foreign concept. They have maintained a military to protect themselves against future attacks by the Valaeren should they ever return.

Their society is a democratic one with a judicial branch headed up by a quasi-religious group. The justices are raised from a young age to be judges and are brought up to understand the laws from a purely neutral point of view with no gray areas. Speeding is speeding, theft is theft, murder is murder, smoking pot is smoking pot. Penalties that are harsh by human standards with the concept of a prison not existing. Punishment is immediately and publicly administered. Those who knowingly testify against an innocent are prosecuted with extreme prejudice as a direct result. Penalties for said people are known to at least be twice as harsh as having committed the crime in the first place, more-so if said person also committed the crime but tried to lay blame on another.

Now the species has spread out to the galaxy establishing mostly agricultural colonies, though many took different paths and integrated with the other species of the galaxy.

Madacco (madaccus ×augere)

The Madacco have not accepted genetic manipulation of their species as widely as others. Many fear that it is a plot to modify a species for a secret agenda and stay away. Those living on hostile worlds or prone to genetic problems however have embraced the manipulations.

Pavlonian (pavloni rana)

The Pavlonians are a species of brown skinned 3'4" bipedal frog-men. They are known for being very acrobatic, though weak and generally dumb. Despite being dumb, they have a talent for working with electrical equipment.

They were one of the species that had been enslaved by the Valaeren and were not particularly well treated due to their affinity when it came to working with machines.

  • Template Code: 10
  • SM -1
  • ST 8 [-20]
  • DX 12 [40]
  • IQ 8 [-40]
  • HT 12 [20]
  • Advantages
    • Talent 1 (Pavlonian: Electronics Operation, Electronics Repair, Jumping, Swimming) [5]
      • Yes, generic Electronics Operations and Repairs
    • Very Rapid Healing [15]
  • Disadvantages
    • Increased Life Support (90%+ humidity) [-10]
      • Typically mitigated by an environmental suit that stores enough water to go a week.

Sulkesh (sulkei primus)

The Sulkesh are new to galactic civilization, having been encountered a mere 100 years ago.

The Sulkesh are known as the most reliable inter-species diplomats extant. Not only are they skilled at any kind of diplomatic task but their complete dedication to their employers is legendary. Partly, this is due to the strange psychology of the race. All Sulkesh are deeply devoted to protecting members of their own race and increasing their general welfare. When taking on jobs, the Sulkesh temporarily "adopt" their employers, and are compelled to do their very best to complete their mission and more, if able. As such they are incredibly picky about what jobs they take on. They are employed as negotiators and diplomats by anyone that can pay for their rather costly services and are afforded great respect at the negotiating table and beyond.

Their appearance is a study in inoffensiveness. Few races find them particularly attractive or unattractive. They have the standard humanoid shape, two arms, two legs, one head. They are taller and skinnier than most races but this gives them an air of impressiveness more than anything. Their faces are flat and nearly featureless. Their noses are two small slits, their mouth another horizontal slit, while their ears are two small holes on the sides of their head. Their hairless bodies are covered in small, dull, green or gray scales.

Their world is a wealthy one. Poverty is all but eliminated and the richest Sulkesh live in complete luxury. Even the middle class live in comparative comfort. Their economy is driven by their impressive diplomatic skills but they do have a few exports and numerous (extremely mutually beneficial) trade agreements with other peoples. Very few non-Sulkesh are permitted on their worlds and most of those that are are employed as servants or specialists by wealthy Sulkesh.

  • Template Cost: 30
  • Advantages: Charisma 1 [5]; Cultural Adaptability [20]; Language Talent [10]; Social Chameleon [5]; Social Regard, Respected Negotiators [5]; Talent Diplomatic, Acting, Body Language, Current Affairs Political, Detect Lies, Diplomacy 1, Mimicry [10]
  • Disadvantages: Code of Honor, Professional [-5]; Sense of Duty, Employers [-5]; Sense of Duty, Sulkesh [-15]
  • Notes: Most Diplomats have the Voice Advantage and their skill in Mimicry allows them to speak any language, no matter how unusual, with the fluency of a native.
Sulkesh (sulkei ×augere)

Like humans, more often than not a sulkesh has been augmented to remove genetic defects.

Non-Playable Races/Templates

Alithaera (Alithar Primus)

The Alithaera are a four-limbed species, with each limb being a tentacle. They come in numerous shades of blue, bluish green, and bluish gray.

The Alithaera are the most numerous of the aquatic species to roam the galaxy. Their home world of Alithaera (Planet) appears to be a gigantic ball of ice in space with only trace amounts of an atmosphere. Despite it's appearance the planet has a rock core the size of Earth beneath its 10 mile deep ocean of highly saline water.

Due to having evolved beneath the waters of their world, the Alithaera went down a different technological path than the rest of the species. Electricity was not a valid option for them during their evolution and in fact they didn't discover it until after they first entered space. Their technology was based upon the growing, breeding, and engineering of biological organisms. This biotechnology has given the species a knack when it comes to the study of any living organisms.

The Alithaera were discovered when the 2nd planet in the system was being explored as a possibility for terraforming. Wanting to take from local resources, the survey teams looked to the fifth planet as a possible source of water. Upon drilling into the ice crust, they found a large city of Alithaera and made first contact. This led to the abandonment of the terraforming of the second planet and the "uplifting" of the Alithaera to the stars through trade.

Culturally, the Alithaera form very close bonds with their families. Families in this sense includes their entire extended family which can be an entire outpost or colony. To them family nearly always comes first (but not always hence the lacking Code of Honor). It is believe that this is due to their natural empathy in sensing the emotional state of those around them. This natural empathy has led to them being sought out for the talent in various settings.

They do not often mix with other species due to the need to wear exo-skeletons which are by nature very filthy and business must be done in the suit. Generally other Alithaera frown upon those doing this until they have time to be fully cleaned of the stench of wearing such a suit.

  • Template Cost: 17 (Character builder says 2 but my math comes to 17)
  • Advantages: Dark Vision [25], Empathy [15], Extra-Flexible Arms (2 Arms) [10], Legs to Arms [5], Speak Underwater [5], Talent (Aquabatics, Bioengineering-Any, Biology-Any, Naturalist-Any, Swimming, Vacc Suit) [5]
    • Keep in mind that the Extra-Flexible arms are counter-acted a bit by having to constantly wear a rigid environmental suit. When in water the full advantage is realized. Basically you wouldn't be able to wrap a single tentacle around a throat to choke a bitch. You would have to use two just like most other species.
    • A brief synopsis on Legs to Arms (Bio-Tech book) is your legs count as crippled unless in a very low gravity setting like under water or zero-g. See Crippled Legs (B141 for details). Plan on having to spend extra points to get your melee skill up to snuff.
  • Disadvantages: Dependency (Highly Saline Water, Environmental-Suit)(Common)(Constantly *5) [-50]
    • I'm not sure I like the Dependency as-is since saying Salt Water is of any particular commonality is HIGHLY relative. On Earth it is common, on Dune it is non-existent.
  • Skills: Swimming [1], Vacc Suit/TL11 1 [1]
Alithaera (Alithar ×augere)

The Alithaera have no fear of non-biotechnological breakthroughs that can enhance their species and as such have embraced it. They themselves generally don't do the procedures are it requires electrical laboratory equipment at present to perform the modification necessary. This has for the most part limited the procedures to the wealthier families that can afford to travel to other planets for the procedures to be done for their offspring.

Camenoan (camenoa araneae)


The Camenoan species is an arsenic based (rather than carbon), 12 foot diameter, 6 foot tall spiders of varying colors. The species is intelligent and physically adept. They breathe nitrogen.

The Valaeren had enslaved the Camenoans over 75,000 years ago and had begun a program of systematically breeding them towards stupidity such that they might be better controlled. Their story of invasion by the Valaeren was very similar to that of Earth. Their planet was invaded by Klakamaei forces and then "rescued" by the Valaeren after the world had all but been destroyed. This left the Camenoans completely at the mercy of the Valaeren.

  • Template Cost: 102 (so far)
  • SM 1
  • ST +1 [5]
  • DX +1 [12]
  • IQ +2 [40]
  • HT +1 [10]
  • Extra Legs (8 Legs) [15]
  • Radiation Tolerance (PF 1,000) [45]
  • Vacuum Support [5]
  • No Fine Manipulators [-30]



The Klakamaei are a family of closely related but distinctly different species all born from the Queen species.

Klakamaei Queen (klakamaei regina)

The Klakamaei Queen is a large slug-like creature that controls lesser Klakamaei. Their control is through biological signals and seems to tell their clan, as individuals, what to do. Queens are known to be highly intelligent and very capable multi-taskers as one might expect from a creature capable of controlling hundreds of thousands of sentient beings.

  • Compartmentalized Mind (Lots) [50+]
  • Mindlink (up to 10 Billion people, known) [100+]
  • Racial Memory (Passive) [15]
Klakamaei Tender (klakamaei medicus)

Tenders are seven foot tall spider-like creatures with six legs and six arms. The six legs are presumed to be an evolutionary feature granting this species a very stable platform from which to perform delicate tasks. Four of the creature's arms have eight finger-like extensions to them. The other two arms have two extremely sharp "fingers" that seem capable of being used as scalpels and scissors as needed.

The Tenders have been known to be quite vicious in combat, slicing and dicing enemies within sight and earshot of other enemies. While their methods are quite barbaric by human standards, they are effective and highly intelligent. As the enemy is butchered, the Tender is studying every aspect of it from its bodily functions and reactions to various sources of pain. The Tender will relay all that it learns to the queen for further consideration and then proceed with any plans sent forth by the queen. These plans sometimes include the creation of biological weapons to subdue or otherwise exterminate their enemies. They also tend to the young Klakamaei and cull those who don't fit the needs of the hive to ensure that only he ideal specimens survive.

  • Template Cost: 71
  • Damage Resistance 2 [10]
  • Extra Arms 4 [40]
    • If taking extra arms or legs, take an appearance disadvantage because you will not look natural.
  • Extra Attack 5 (Melee Attack: Reach 1,2) [100]
    • These extra attacks are melee attacks only. This is partially outweighed by two of the extra arms ending in claws capable of cutting and impaling.
  • Extra Legs (6 legs, Cannot kick) [5]
  • Mindlink (Queen, 1 person) [5]
  • Talent (Tender: Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Diagnosis, Expert Skill Epidemiology, First Aid, Pharmacy, Physician, Physiology, Poisons, Surgery, Veterinary) [10]
    • Augeres can choose to take the lesser version of this but they must then specify each individual Bioengineering and/or Biology skill.
  • Appearance (Horrific) [-24]
  • Bad Sight (Nearsighted) [-25]
  • Hemophilia [-30]
  • Low Empathy [-20]
Klakamaei Warrior (klakamaei fortis)
Klakamaei Worker (klakamaei operarius)

Silicates (gemma adamas)


Very new to galactic civilization, the silicates were discovered 16 years ago by a mission to mine diamonds from a planets eight times the size of the Earth and so close to its star that no life was thought possible.

Silicates evolved on a world where Carbon was not one of the more common elements and life was forced to develop along a different path. Silicates are living crystals, incredibly beautiful to behold. Their voice is the singing of the spheres, a crystalline harmony that few races can match. The beauty of their worlds does not disappoint either. Shards of living crystals growing along the ground like grass. Trees like towering masses of multi-colored crystal, refracting light all around them. Flowers like perfect glass sculptures dotting the landscape. Even their cities are amazing to behold. Buildings are grown crystalline structures rather than manufactured and their semi-transparent exteriors create an incredible light show more akin to a work of art than a city.

They are a quiet, careful, slow-moving race both physically and mentally. Physically because of their unusual biology. A Silicate's outer skin is an incredibly hard, thick layer of crystal, flexible only at the joints. Inside, they are a mass of viscous fluids and strange biological processes. Even a small injury is potentially fatal if not properly treated. This has led to the whole race being extremely careful of their physical health. This carried over into their psychology as well. They carefully weigh the pros and cons of any decision before committing themselves.

  • Template Cost: 45
  • Advantages: IQ 11 [20]; Claws, Talons [8]; DR, semi-ablative 10 [40]; Very Beautiful, Androgynous, Universal [20]; Voice [10]
  • Disadvantages: DX 9 [-20]; Cannot Float [-1]; Careful [-1]; Cautious [-1]; Hemophilia [-30];