Planar Jaunt

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Feel free to help my failing memory by fixing the order of events, or adding details I had forgotten.

Chapter 0 - Prelude

The group is sent on a mission into the shadow plane, kills a giant spider, and a ghost, or something. While in the shadow plane, several artifacts are stolen from Balance. Elements on the plane's surface go wild, and all the residents disappear, at the same time. The voice of the plane speaks to you, and explains to you that the Thoughts (powerful objects created by the "gods" for each element) that Balance uses to keep the planes together have disappeared. He tasks you with finding them.

Chapter 1 - Fire

Four of Six Spent some time tracking Four's nemesis, the priest who killed the mage that created him. Ended up in a town with lava flowing through the streets. The priest turned out to be a priest of fire, was driven mad by the Thought of Fire, used it to subjugate Four's fellow fire elementals, and force the worship of fire upon the plane.

Chapter 2 - Water

Mikee's character The group ended up in a plane that seemed to be afflicted by a horrible disease (or set of diseases). A series of small villages were dotted along the shore of a broad river. The river, unfortunately, seemed to be severely polluted by some source upstream. This was causing all sorts of terrible sickness in the villages, but without another water source, the villagers were stuck. Upon venturing upstream, the group encountered a large temple with rank, fetid water streaming down its sides and into the river. This was, apparently, the source of the corruption.

It turned out that it was an old water-dwarven temple, designed for the sole purpose of keeping the corruption (which was caused by the Thought of Water) in check. After hundreds of years (time ran differently in this plane), the check failed. You encountered a ghost who ran you through a series of hoops to get the Thought of Water.

PNPC - Avian

Played a scary ghost thing.

Chapter 3 - Chaos

The Man with no Name There was a series of unfortunate events. The group was on the trail of a merchant named Leyland Gaunt. Somehow, Leyland Gaunt seemed to be behind each of the strange occurrences in each plane you visited. You caught up with him in a vast, open plain. The Man with no Name reached him first, and shot his wagon full of holes. Leyland Gaunt responded by turning into a huge, amorphous blob reminiscent of a Shoggoth or other Lovecraftian horror. He then proceeded to smash The Man with no Name into a thin paste. The rest of the group caught up with him and rained fire and death down upon him.

Chapter 4 - Law

Jarvis's character Uh.. there was that trip through that very malleable plane where you had to punctuate the sentences I gave you on little strips of paper. That was cool.

PNPC - Mikee

Played a crusty old pirate.

PNPC - Gentler

Played Blueblood the Pirate.

Chapter 5 - Evil

Thrawn's character The Thought of Evil turned a plane into a miniature version of the Blood War. The Thought was split in half, each side possessing one part. The kings of each side used it to turn their subjects (teiflings all) into Demons (or Devils). Culminated in a party where there was much killing of hell beasts. Thrawn blew a daily to kill something, and won everyone a milestone. Then you killed two Demons that were just at the cusp of your ability to kill. (Note to other DMs: Taking a level 23 monster and scaling it down to level 19 still makes it vastly stronger than a level 19 monster).)

PNPC - Alistair

Played One Thumb, the greedy innkeeper.

Chapter 6 - Shadow

Nukie's character Traveled through shadow. There was a chess puzzle. There were some funny half-retarded myconids. And now the myconid queen and some rot priests are going to kick the ever living shit out of you.

Finally made it to a Drow city. The group arrived just after the murder of the current queen. The (now former) queen's daughter took you under the protection of her house, and asked you to look into the death of her mother. You began by forensicing the crime scene, and came to the conclusion that something surprised the queen and her guards from her bedroom. The next step is examining the queen's crusty old corpse.

PNPC - Alistair

Morthang, the cunning Drow Priestess.

PNPC - Avian

Caper, the Pod Demon and court jester

PNPC - Jarvis

Avathar, crusty old Drow, head of her House

PNPC - Thrawn

Palan, vicious, brutal Drow general

Chapter 7 - antidisestablishmentarianism

Gentler's character