The Colonists

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The Colonists


EXTREMELY early planning for my next space/future game which will take place once I get around to finishing up the Realms of Darkness game (still plan to run that for quite a while).

"Galactic Civilization, what can I say about it? It fuckin' blows bra'. Human civilizations saw this coming long ago in 1984. We thought it was a work of fiction when they joined the rest of us amongst the stars. That shit snuck up and bit us in the ass. Now we can't even fart without being told how much we are allowed to expel. Sure, we have galactic peace but life is just so fuckin' dull. People are bored as fuck and just go through the motions. What I'm sayin' bra' is that we should all pool our money and build a big ass fuckin' ship and get the shit outta this shit-hole of a galaxy." - HaBϱ, 6565CE Earth calendar


Galactic civilization effectively hit a cultural entropy. Everything that there was to discover had been discovered. All of the stars had been settled. All races living in peace, no war, no crime. Government controlling every single aspect of life. Scheduled times to eat, shit, drink, and fuck. Medication applied to keep everyone peaceful. It all works, but eventually life gets boring and people want... more. You are among those seeking a new life full of the unknown.

Expeditions had left in the past never to be heard from again, so many figured why not try it again. Exploring and colonizing new territory had not been done in over 2,000 years. Nobody even had first hand tales of a discovery by this point in time except perhaps a few stray androids.

Selection Process

The selection process for this mission was particularly strict. The main thought was that prime physical specimens would be needed in order to ensure a viable population could be sustained in the new galaxy. The following were known criteria for applicants:

  • Capable of producing children.
  • Willing to produce children (via test tube or the natural way, with or without relationship involvement).
  • Leaving behind no children.
  • No family, friends, colleagues, or romantic interests have been accepted to the mission.
  • Enough applicants from a given race are accepted to create a viable population.
  • No genetic defects or mutations.
  • No cybernetic enhancements. Suspected that they will not hold up well in long term cryo-stasis.
  • No physical defects.
  • No mental defects.
  • No social defects.
  • Not a sociopath (sorry Bogy).
  • Not a sexual deviant (sorry Bogy).
  • Passes an interview.
  • Passes criminal background checks. No prior accusations or convictions for crimes of any sort.
  • Passes a full medical physical, including the butt check.
    • No diseases or illnesses at time of departure.
    • No sexually transmitted diseases (sorry Turd).
  • Not an android (can be recreated upon arrival).
  • Has useful skills that will be in demand upon arrival. Examples: Farmers, Mechanics, Doctors, Soldiers, etc.

Character Creation

  • TL: 11, possibly some super-tech
  • Starting Points: 150
  • Character Age: Adults equivalent of 20s and 30s. Not children or elderly allowed on mission.
  • Attributes: None may be below 10. Sub-par specimens were not selected for the mission.
  • Disadvantages: No physical or mental, see white-list below - Genetic engineering has taken care of just about everything. If you have an argument for some sort of custom race feel free to ask, but don't count on things being approved.
  • Quirks - Up to 5.
  • Advantages - Due to genetic engineering, you all must spend at LEAST 10 points from advantages listed in the next section.
    • Things like social connections and wealth have no impact on you upon arrival. It may have been used to get you onto the mission, but is meaningless after departure.
    • Other advantages are allowed on a case by case basis but do not count towards this minimum spending.
  • Magic: Probably Not

White-listed Disadvantages

You may choose one of the following if you wish to do so.

  • Charitable
  • Code of Honor (Professional or Soldier)
  • Curious
  • Sense of Duty (Milky Way Colonists equivalent to Large Group) [-10]

Mandatory Advantages

  • Extended Lifespan 2 [4] - You can buy higher if you wish.

Optional Advantages

  • Acute Hearing
  • Acute Taste and Smell
  • Acute Touch
  • Acute Vision
  • Amibidexterity
  • Appearance
  • Discriminatory Hearing
  • Discriminatory Smell
  • Discriminatory Taste
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Extraflexible (2 arms)
  • Fit
  • Flexibility
  • Rapid Healing
  • Reduced Consumption
  • Very Fit

Minimum Individual Skill Levels

  • First Aid (own race) 10 (can include equipment bonus)
  • Some sort of gun skill 10+

Minimum Group Skill Levels

You should probably make sure two or more people meet these to avoid issues if a player can't attend. These can include equipment bonuses

  • Diagnosis 11
  • Diplomacy 11
  • Electronics Operation (Medical) 11
  • Electronics Operation (Scientific) 11
  • Electronics Operation (Sensors) 11
  • Electronics Repair (Various) 11
  • Engineering (Various) 11
  • Farming 10 - At least enough to identify good conditions for growing food.
  • Navigation (space) 12
  • Observation 11
  • Pharmacy 11
  • Physician 11
  • Surgery 11


Androids (Unplayable)


Androids exist, but very few were brought on the mission. It was decided that only enough to take care of the ship in transit and more could be created upon arrival as the need inevitably arises.

Hephaestus (22 points)

Vulcans? Never heard of 'em.

Physical appearance:

The Hephaestus are a humanoid race, often even able to pass as human in the right circumstances. They are close in build to their human cousins, save for their pointed ears and always-black hair (until age sets in). They are biologically compatible with humans, though it is often frowned upon for such pairings to occur, as other Hephaestus often do not see any benefit in the dilution that human genes introduce.


Once a very savage and warlike race, The Hephaestus had almost wiped themselves out. It was at the end of this time, when few of the species remained, that the most enlightened of them realized the course that they had set for themselves. They sought to correct it.

It took decades, but the race finally found peace in eschewing their violent tendencies, instead focusing on the tranquility that came from a high value on logic. They had given up their emotions, for those would just lead to a ressurection of conflict.

They are governed by a High Council, the protectors of their history. They are the best and brightest, that decide on all matters political and social. They are tasked with guiding the race as a whole, with a focus on improving the species, and to above all never let them regress into their old ways.

  • Extended Lifespan 1 [2]
  • Mind Probe [20]
  • Unfazable [15]
  • No Sense of Humor [-10]
  • Truthfulness [-5]

Cnidaria [25]

The Cnidaria (the C is silent) are an order of sentient colonial organisms related to Siphonophores. They are roughly human-sized and vaguely resemble a walking jellyfish. Their skin is completely translucent and you can see their other "organs" inside of them. In truth, each of these "organs" is a separate organism that, combined, cooperate to keep the Cnidaria alive. It is important to note that ALL of the organisms combined are called Cnidaria. There is no central "Cnidaria" organism. Over the course of their evolution the individual organisms have become so specialized that they can not live without one another.

Ancient History


The Cnidaria long ago split into two factions. In their parlance they are the Bulu and Umbulu. Each take to their chosen dogma with near-religious fervor, pursuing it even to their own detriment.

The Bulu believe in the interconnectedness of all things. Their many worlds as well as the worlds of any species they have peaceful contact with are ensnared in a complicated web of interconnected trade, diplomatic treaties and technological exchange. Beyond that, they work for the good of all with little regard to their own personal benefit. Their lofty goals tend to fall short of benefiting all, however. Though they have no poor, their standard of living is somewhat below the galactic norm. And while so far they have no war, the loss of a single planet to war would likely crumble the delicate web of interconnected things they have created.

The Umbulu are rugged individualists. They are also aggressive and much more warlike than most space faring races. They have subdued and integrated many other species over the many years since their split from the Bulu. They've also been defeated in nearly as many wars as they've fought in.

(Author's note: This is mostly to highlight the disparity in the biological community over whether to consider colonial organisms one creature or multiple. Though it also bears a resemblance to the Seely and Unseely Fae.)

Present Day

While the Bulu and Umbulu still live on separate planets, they long ago were forced to reconcile their differences with one another by the Galaxy's controlling AI. Today, except for the occasional historian, the terms aren't understood as more than a reference to the area of the Galaxy they hie from. The Cnidaria are just as docile, over-medicated and controlled as all the other species.

The Bulu were wildly enthusiastic about the changes the AI have made to make the universe a calmer and more interconnected place. Some go so far as to say a good portion of the ideas were originally theirs. Either way, they are subject to the same laws, the same restrictions as anyone else. Despite all that, some of their number boarded the ship to a new galaxy in the hopes of a better future.

The Umbulu were not nearly as excited. Many fought the new rules as they came into place, both with words and actions. Wars were waged with Umbulu and droves died before succumbing to the yoke of the AI overlords. Though just as pacified as anyone else, it's said by some that the yoke still chafes and that this portion of the Cnidaria race is more problematic than most.


  • Extra Arms 2, Flexible, Weak [20]


Isara (34 points)

Totally "not" a similarly named race from Mass Effect.

The Isara are a non-sex species of blue-skinned humanoids that nearly every race finds attractive. They breed by means of a sort of mind meld that allows them to randomize the DNA of their offspring to be. This requirement has led the race to become highly sexualized due to a lack of possible consequences. As such younger members of the race tend to work in bars and clubs in their first 50 years of life or so before moving on with their life and finding a real career. Due to their lengthy lifespan, they tend to have different takes on relationships as well since they prefer to breed with other species, the vast majority of whom will die long before the Isara does.

As a whole they tend to be more diplomatic than other species due to a patience that comes with their extended years. They take the long view on things where others might try to take short cuts that give immediate results but can fail in the long run.

  • Appearance (Beautiful, Universal +25%) [15]
    • Blue Skinned
    • Hairless (yes, everywhere)
    • Sexless (though in human terms all female)
    • Weird tentacle things on head instead of hair.
  • Empathy (Sensitive) [5]
  • Extended Lifespan 4 [8] - Counts towards mandatory advantage spending
  • Telecommunication (Telesend), (Nuisance Effect: Must send thoughts, memories and emotions, -10%) [6]
    • They can only pro-create while using this ability.


As long as you are willing to write a blurb about your species including physical characteristics, government, and culture I intend to be flexible.